Sunil Singhania Portfolio – Abakkus PMS

Sunil Singhania Founder – Abakkus Asset Management Sunil Singhania, CFA, is the Founder of Abakkus Asset Management, LLP, an India-focused Asset Management Company he established in 2018. Prior to this, in his role as Global

Siddhartha Bhaiya Portfolio – Aequitas PMS

Siddhartha Bhaiya Managing Director, Aequitas Investment Consulting Private Limited Siddhartha Bhaiya is a qualified Chartered Accountant and the driving force behind Aequitas Investment and has around 20 years of experience into Equity research and Equity

Shailendra Kumar Portfolio – Narnolia

Shailendra Kumar Co-founder & CIO, Narnolia Shailendra Kumar is the Co-Founder & CIO of  Narnolia.  Under his leadership, Narnolia has received numerous awards including ‘Most Consistent Portfolio Manager’ and is considered a premium investment advisory

Rajesh Bhatia Portfolio – ITI Long Short Equity Fund

Rajesh Bhatia, Managing Director & CIO, ITI Long Short Equity Fund –      30+ years of investment experience in Indian equities;  Last 14 years in Alternative Investments (Long-Short fund management) –      Last assignment: CIO, Simto Investments, a subsidiary

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