Abakkus All Cap Portfolio | Abakkus Growth Fund

Key Attributes

Number of Stocks: Approx 25

Founder's Name: Sunil Singhania

Portfolio Manager: Aman Chowhan

Portfolio Manager's Qualification: MBA from Mumbai University

Portfolio Manager's Experience: Over 17 years of experience in Indian Equity Markets

Investment Objective

Abakkus is an Alpha Focussed Asset Manager. This is a multi-cap PMS designed to generate alpha and risk-adjusted returns for clients by investing in benchmark agnostic portfolio across market capitalization. The idea is to focus on growth in value.

This is a well diversified, aspiring leaders portfolio that makes selective sector calls with a contrarian approach and usually are first investors.

Portfolio Strategy

  • Benchmark agnostic diversified All-cap portfolio
  • Fundamental based ideas picked via a bottom-up approach
  • Large-cap allocation based on top-down sector view with a focus on stability
  • Alpha from exposure to broader market companies with sustainable business and high ROEs
  • Endeavor to generate alpha and wealth creation by buying with typically 3-5 years holding period
  • Differentiated Portfolio adhering to our “MEETS” Framework

Investment Philosophy

  • Growth Companies: Profitability expected to grow higher than the market average
  • Value Companies: Fundamentally underpriced stocks with reasonable growth expectations
  • Buy & Hold: Invest in stock as if investing in the business. Invest like a partner
  • Small companies with a scalable business model but having growth potential of becoming large cap over time
  • Bottom-up research with a focus on the balance sheet
  • Not chase momentum, but earings, earnings, earnings
  • Prefer to be contrarian and so, early, first or only investors
  • Each investment opportunity looked upon st individual merit


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