Mid Year 3D Virtual Event

Summer of ’23

Rise Of Alternates in the New Age of Investing

8th July, 2023

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This led to the creation of PMS AIF WORLD, where we focus on best quality products, analysis backed selection, and finest educative approach for informed investment decisions.

Our right intent, and relentless efforts have made us a trusted platform in the space of alternates.


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Unveil the secrets to successful investment strategies as industry experts share their proven methods and techniques for navigating the dynamic market landscape and achieving consistent returns.


Dive into the compelling narrative of India’s economic growth and explore the immense potential it holds for investors. Gain valuable insights on sectors, trends, and opportunities that shape the captivating India story.


Discover the art of constructing an ideal portfolio tailored to your financial goals and risk appetite. Learn from seasoned professionals as they guide you through the process of asset allocation, diversification, and optimizing your investments.


Empower yourself with knowledge and make informed investment decisions. Explore cutting-edge research, data-driven analysis, and expert recommendations to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your investment potential.

We welcome you to this insightful experience!

Esteemed Speakers

Bharat Shah, Executive Director ASK Group
Sunil Singhania, Founder, Abakkus Asset Manager
Hitesh Zaveri, SVP & Head- Listed Equity Alternatives, Axis AMC
Anand Shah, CIO, Alternates, ICICI prudential AMC
Rajesh Kothari, Founder & MD, AlfAccurate Advisors
Prashant Khemka, Founder - White Oak Capital Management
Vikram Gupta, Founder & Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures
Sameer Nath, CIO & Head–Venture Capital & Private Equity, 360 ONE Asset
Manish Singhal, Founding Partner, pi Ventures
Pranav Parikh, Managing Partner & Head - Private Equity, Nuvama Asset Management
Sumit Jain, Deputy CIO, ASK Investment Managers
Anshul Saigal, EVP & Head - PMS, Kotak AMC
Sandeep Sharma, EVP & National Head - Retail Sales, SBI MF
Manish Bhandari, CEO & Portfolio Manager, Vallum Capital
Dhaval Patel, Fund Manager - Alternatives, Alternates by Axis
Prashant Kutty, Assistant Fund Manager, Sundaram Alternates
Nikhil Ranka, Senior VP & Fund Manager, Nuvama Asset Management
Nandik Mallik, CIO, Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP
Hemant Daga, Co-Founder & CEO, Neo Asset Management
Bhavin Shah, Portfolio Manager, Sameeksha Capital
Raman Nagpal, Inventor and CIO AccuraCap
Harsh Agarwal, Head - Alternative Strategies, Tata AMC
Neil Bahal, Founder & CIO, Negen Capital
Anunaya Kumar, President & National Sales Head, 360 One Asset

Esteemed Moderators

Lakshmi Iyer, CEO - Investment & Strategy, Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd
Ritika Farma, Director & EVP, PMS AIF World
Lavanya Ashok, Partner, Trifecta Capital
Nimesh Mehta, Director & Country Head- Sales & Products, ASK Investment Managers
Shreyas Mantri, Chief - Banks & Private Wealth, Motilal Oswal AMC
Kamal Manocha, Founder & CEO, PMS AIF World
Ajay Vaswani, Chief Business Officer, ITI Long Short Equity Fund
Mohit Bhagat, Head - Channel Biz. Development, Alchemy Capital

Event Schedule

PMS AIF World Mid Year Event 2023 – Rise Of Alternates in the New Age of Investing

08th July 2023

Welcome Note

Economy, Sectors, Businesses and Investing Insights for next 5 years

Speaker: Bharat Shah Moderating Speaker: Kamal Manocha

Identifying high-growth opportunities amongst mid-stage unlisted businesses in midst of high ROI macros

Speakers: Sameer Nath, Vikram Gupta, Manish Singhal Moderating Speaker: Lavanya Ashok

The Power of Indian Financial Markets in Building Wealth for a Brighter Future

Speakers: Rajesh Kothari, Prashant Khemka, Sunil Singhania Moderating Speaker: Kamal Manocha

Unlocking Alpha: Discussing Conventional v/s Non-Conventional Styles of Equity Investing

Speakers: Nikhil Ranka, Neil Bahal, Prashant Kutty Moderating Speaker: Mohit Bhagat

Transformative Shift in the Fixed Income Space, giving leeway to Alternative Investments

Speakers: Pranav Parikh, Hemant Daga, Dhaval Patel Moderating Speaker: Lakshmi Iyer

Generating Alpha in India: Strategies for Outperformance in this Decade

Speakers: Anand Shah, Anshul Saigal, Hitesh Zaveri Moderating Speaker: Nimesh Mehta

Significance of Long-Short Investments in UHNIs' portfolio

Speakers: Harsh Agarwal, Nandik Mallik, Raman Nagpal Moderating Speaker: Ajay Vaswani

Navigating Recessionary Waters: Building a Resilient Portfolio for Continued Wealth Creation

Speakers: Manish Bhandari, Sumit Jain, Bhavin Shah Moderating Speaker: Ritika Farma

Rise of Alternates in the New Age of Investing

Speakers: Anunaya Kumar, Nimesh Mehta, Sandeep Sharma Moderating Speaker: Shreyas Mantri

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