Invasset Growth Fund PMS

Key Attributes

Inception Date: January 2020

Number of stocks: 25-30

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Rajnish Garg

Fund Manager Experience: 37 Years

Fund Manager Qualification: Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary

Investment Objective

  • Prudent management is very important in the building of long-term wealth-creating businesses
  • The two most important forces that influence investing are greed and fear. AI helps in overcoming these biases and thus create alpha
  • Hungry for Growth and Growth never comes Cheap. Generally, Invasset’s portfolios have a higher PE Ratio as compared to peers
  • Buy and Rotate Strategy beats both active and passive investment styles
  • Appreciation of capital should be consistent and permanent. Depreciation of Capital of capital should be limited and temporary
  • Winners of one primary bull run will not outperform in the next bull run. Keep on looking for new sectors.
  • Dig for the tailwinds and take advantage of both macro and micro developments
  • Keep winners and weed out our losers
  • The size of the Opportunity and the ability to harness the opportunity is what matters. Focus on the Sharks in the ocean
  • The interest rate Cycle plays a major role in deciding the future performance of stocks and even companies
  • Cyclicals are great opportunities to earn alpha if you know your commodity well.

Portfolio Strategy

  • Companies with Prudent Management Team
  • Companies that can grow 20%+ for a consistently long time
  • Companies generating High Return of Capital Employed
  • Companies giving an edge to their competitors due to a moat
  • Companies with free cash flow generation
  • Companies in commodity sectors available at oversold prices due to a market meltdown
  • Companies operating in monopolistic markets


Don’t Just Invest. Make an Informed Decision.