Sameeksha India Fund (IFSC AIF) – GIFT CITY Domiciled Cat III Long Only AIF


  • Inception Date: 14 March, 2024
  • Number of stocks: 15-35

About Sameeksha Capital

Sameeksha Capital provides Wealth Management as well as Equity portfolio management (PMS) services to discerning Institutions, entrepreneurs, families and Individuals.  They have made upfront investments to develop best-in-class research capabilities and time tested processes. When a capable team follows such processes, they are likely to deliver differentiated as well as valuable outcomes for their clients. Transparency, Integrity, Objectivity and Hard Work are at core of their value system. Most importantly, they believe in being rewarded for performance above everything else.

Key People

Mr. Bhavin Shah
Mr. Bhavin Shah Founder

Investment Objective

The objective of Sameeksha India Fund (IFSC AIF) – A GIFT CITY Domiciled Cat III Long Only AIF is to maximize returns through a focus on Indian equities, by capitalizing on transformational business opportunities and undervalued companies, often under the radar of most investors. The fund is designed for long-term growth, tapping into the dynamic Indian market to offer a diversified investment in equities listed both on local and IFSC exchanges.

Investment Philosophy

The philosophy of Sameeksha India Fund (IFSC AIF) – A GIFT CITY Domiciled Cat III Long Only AIF centers on strategic, long-term growth investments rather than short-term market movements. By investing in high-growth sectors of the Indian economy, the fund looks to benefit from the country’s economic expansion and the companies best positioned to take advantage of this growth, while employing a prudent risk management approach.

Investment Strategy

Sameeksha India Fund (IFSC AIF) – A GIFT CITY Domiciled Cat III Long Only AIF entails a concentrated portfolio strategy with a disciplined investment approach. It involves a careful selection of 15-35 stocks that exhibit the potential for sustainable competitive advantages and strong management. The fund avoids leverage beyond twice the net asset value (NAV) and pursues opportunities across market capitalizations and sectors.

The differentiation lies in its targeted investment in companies undergoing significant transformation or those not yet recognized by the market for their true potential. With a unique approach that combines rigorous research and technology with direct engagement with company management, the fund maintains a distinctive edge. It operates within a regulatory environment that offers tax advantages and seeks to minimize legal complexities for its investors.

The investment strategy for the India Equity Fund (IFSC AIF) includes a comprehensive valuation framework that factors in various inputs to ascertain the intrinsic value of investments. This framework considers elements such as growth horizon, growth potential, the company’s cash generation abilities, cost of equity or expected returns, and stock liquidity. Methodologically, the fund employs a variety of financial models and assessments, like DCF for FCFE, and cross-references intrinsic values with market prices, historical trading multiples, and projected growth rates. The aim is to identify and invest in undervalued stocks with a long-term investment horizon, and to adjust the portfolio composition based on these rigorous valuations.

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