Aequitas India Opportunities

Key Portfolio Attributes

Mr. Siddhartha Bhaiya

Inception Date: 01 February 2013

Number of stocks: 15 to 20

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Siddhartha Bhaiya

Fund Manager Experience: 20+ years in Equity markets

Fund Manager Qualification: CA

Investment Objective

Long term wealth creation for clients by generating risk adjusted returns through investments in listed Indian equities.

Portfolio Strategy

Aequitas offers both PMS and AIF options. Aequitas portfolio strategy is Investing in industry leaders from the out of favour industries; businesses trading at reasonable valuations ensuring margin of safety. Aequitas doesn’t follow the concept of segregating companies in large, mid, small businesses as per their market caps; rather it follows earnings to determine the nature and size of investment opportunities. But, Going by general understanding of companies size as per its market cap, Aequitas is focused in the space of Small Caps and Micro Caps. The min ticket size in Aequitas PMS is 10 cr and Aequitas AIF is 3 cr. 

Investment Philosophy

Aequitas is a roman word from where the word the Equity originated. To explain what its brand name conveys, Aequitas is a latin goddess of equity and fairness and this is what Aequitas aims to represent through its name i.e. honest, transparent and fair. In one line the investment philosophy of Aequitas products is a combination of Growth + Contrarian + Value. More specifically, Aequitas PMS and AIF products follow three-pronged Investment Philosophy as described below:


• Multibagger Approach –

Contrarian stock picks with above average growth potential and available at reasonable valuations.


• Concentrated Portfolio Construction –

Portfolio of 15-20 stocks with strong business operations and catalyst for re-rating


• Good Company Attributes –

Businesses run by efficient and ethical management, strong balance sheets and consistent cash flows.


Aequitas PMS invests in small caps with a horizon of 3 to 5 years and follows a low churn for its confidence in the catalysts that can lead to the re-rating of underlying stocks.

Performance Table #

Trailing Returns (%) 1m return 3m return 6m return 1y return 2y return 3y return 5y return 10y return Since inception return
Aequitas Investment India Opportunities Product8.47%35.11%58.80%69.74%40.54%58.21%21.50%38.48%33.52%
Nifty 50 TRI-2.31%4.38%12.15%9.53%7.32%20.60%11.84%14.80%12.99%

QRC Report Card *


Portfolio Holdings

Holding %
Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd. 9.47
Deepak Fertilisers Petrochemicals Corpn. Ltd. 8.16
Apar Industries Ltd. 6.90
Technocraft Industries India Ltd. 6.43
Maithan Alloys Ltd 5.64
Top 5 Equity Holdings 36.60

Sector Allocation

Holding %
Metals 27.96
Engineering 15.97
Consumer Goods 13.68
Chemicals 9.19
Diversified 8.70

Market Cap Allocation

Allocations %
Large Cap 1.37
Mid Cap 9.75
Small Cap 84.34
Cash 4.54

Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions


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#Returns as of 31 August 2023. Returns up to 1 Year are absolute, above 1 Year are CAGR.

*QRC Report Card data is updated quarterly. Current data is as of Mar 23.

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions