Pantomath AIF sponsored Bharat Value Fund – Cat II AIF

Key Portfolio Attributes

Fund Category: Category II AIF

Sub-Category: Mid-Market Pre IPO opportunity

Structure: Close Ended

Fund Tenure: 5 years from the first close

Fund Manager’s Name: CA Nishad Khanolkar and CA Madhu Lunawat

Fund Manager’s Experience: + 20 Years

Fund Manager’s Qualification: Charted Accountant

Investment Objective

Bharat Value Fund – Series 2, a CAT II AIF, is backed from the Pantomath Group which is known for Mid-Market IPO’s. Pantomath has done 109 IPO’s successfully in last one decade, Bharat Value Fund intends to predominantly invest in Mid-Market high growth stage businesses with an aim to exit through IPO and achieve capital appreciation in accordance with the Applicable Laws. To limit downside risk of the portfolio, the Scheme shall adopt strategy whereby fund will provide Active Ownership in the Investee company, strategy formulation, recruitment assistance, business development, corporate governance & financial advisory.

Bharat Value Fund – Series 2, a CAT II AIF, aims to construct a portfolio comprising of Pre IPO able companies, adhering to stringent criteria such as a minimum INR 100 crores revenue, a maximum revenue cap of INR 800 crores, established companies, a promoter stake of at least 85%-90% (prioritized for safety), EBITDA/PAT positivity pre-fund entry (in compliance with *DRHP requirements), a reasonable Debt Equity Ratio, and a focus on target investee companies in Tier 2-3 cities.

The Scheme will invest in securities as permissible under the Regulations.

*DRHP- A draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) is a written statement meant to present a new company or item to a potential investor

Investment Philosophy

The Investment Manager from Pantomath group shall consider the following aspects for identifying the companies and may aim to invest in:

  • To invest in growth stage companies which have market capital of 200-300 CR and which can be IPOed in 3/4 years
  • Pantomath group fund managers look for High margin Scalable Niche Businesses with high entry barriers and those businesses must be backed with physical assets and with more than 90% promoter holding.
  • Pantomath group addresses market opportunity, Promoter pedigree, ESG models, They also Focus on consumer goods and trade and impact investing and prime focus is on the concept of Make in India: Make for the World.

Investment Strategy

Bharat Value Fund – Series 2, a CAT II AIF, shall employ a research based, fundamentally driven, bottom-up research process for undertaking Portfolio Investments as per its Investment Objective.

The investments by the Fund will consist of the following strategies:

  1. Identification of companies – To identify and invest in Indian growth stage businesses on the verge of big bang break out. To be part of J curve trajectory of growing business that are at inflection point. Pantomath group has direct access with 7000+ corporates.
  2. Growth Capital – Backed by the deep penetration and with due diligence of Pantomath Group, the Fund would, preferably, be the first institutional investor in the company, furthermore group has developed in house screening tool to identify potential targets.
  3. Handholding – Active ownership approach and providing investee companies support in Financial advisory, AI and ML support, value engineering, guidance on professional management and International Accounting Principles.
  4. Robust Exit Mechanism – Pantomath group is known for it’s track record when it comes to taking exit at pre-IPO & post-IPO stages. Pantomath group has global M&A network of 12+ countries.

*Please note this is highly risky and illiquid investment do consult your financial advisor before taking any decision to invest in these kinds of products or you can schedule a call with us and we at  PMS AIF WORLD will help you take an informed and better decision.

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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