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Gaurav Bakshi


Hitesh Tuteja

Senior Program Manager, Hand Enterprise Solutions

A Genuine Interest in Creating Wealth

PMS AIF World provides one of the top-notch financial advisory services. For them client satisfaction is the main motto, and always delivers more than the expectations. Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in creating wealth for clients is what makes them a truly professional Financial Adviser

Perceptive and Right

They have everything in place. Years of Experience, Disciplined Approach to Investing, Robust Technology, Amazing Report System.

Mr Mahajan

New Delhi

Discipline and Integrity

Disciplined approach with solid integrity focused on Wealth Management and responsible advisory.

RK Agarwal




Responsible, Sensible and Focussed

If you want to know anything about investing, PMS AIF WORLD is the way to go. Flat fees, responsive staff, direct investments, online tracking, one click transactions and sensible advice make this an easy decision.
I can clearly see the difference between their advice and the biased advice I get from banks and other distributors. I’m very happy with their service. I can focus on my work because I know they are focused on theirs.

Class Apart

We have worked with largest MNC bank, Indian private bank. PMS AIF WORLD is class apart; truly client-focused. Team of people with amazing integrity and values. They have sound understanding of the advisory industry, products, and are going to create a special market for themselves as there is a huge need for honest, ethical and sound investment advisory.



Rare Combination of Intent, Knowledge and Discipline

The intent of an advisor matters the most. After having dealt with banks and other distributors for years, I find PMS AIF WORLD different and a rare combination of right intent, advisory know-how, and disciplined approach to investing. All this along with consolidation of my investments at one place and flat fee model adds immense value to my investment portfolio.
I happily recommend their service.



Just the Right kind of Advisory

What makes me recommend PMS AIF WORLD is that now I have access to all on my financial investments across products at one glance. Sensible investments, unbiased product selection, flawless technology, customized hand-holding. All this for a fair fee that is not correlated to portfolio value is just the right kind of advisory model that I was looking for.



Refreshing departure from the stereotypical pattern

I have never had a satisfactory experience in the past with financial advisors from big institutions . Their emphasis was to off-load products attractive to their interests even though they were not conducive to the client’s portfolio. PMS AIF WORLD provides a refreshing departure from the stereotypical pattern. They study your needs and jointly develop a portfolio to meet your long-term aspirations. The products are well researched, service is provided for the transactions to happen in the e-mode. Their website provides comprehensive information not only on the portfolio status, but of dividends, short and long-term gains, tax implications and history of transactions. This is the kind of service I have been looking for – expert advice and service available all the time without having to worry about timelines . It is nice to have one place to come to, without being intimidated by relationship managers from larger institutions. This is what financial advisors should be.



Addresses Investor's Needs

I have been investing in mutual funds through a bank, and then when I discovered cost advantage of direct investing, I started dealing with online platforms that provide direct mutual funds. I also dealt with asset management companies directly. But, in all experiences, I saw huge gaps and/or conflict of interests. While banks were always keen to just sell a product for commission, online platforms were not capable to understand my risk preferences, and were not actively involved to review portfolio level performance. They were claiming artificial intelligence, but actually were lacking even in common sense! AMCs have a limitation of bias towards their own products. PMS AIF WORLD addressed all these issue. Their approach is right and is the way to go for this industry. I have recommended this to my colleagues and will happily recommend to all.



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