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Just telling you want you want to hear is not Right Advice. We call this, “mere socializing and selling approach”. Our philosophy is based on suitability and not sales. So we don’t sell you what you want; we advise you on what your portfolio needs, and what is right for you. From asset allocation to asset re-balancing, we do not hesitate in advising you in line with what is right and important for you even if it’s against your biases. Our educative approach makes it possible.

Right Products

Market is cluttered with thousands of financial products. Most are manufactured keeping in mind product seller’s interests. Our philosophy is to select the product with insight as well as integrity. We like Simple Products. If an equity product is not good for long term returns, it is not recommended. Similarly if a debt product takes un-due risk it is also not recommended. We like products that are low on expenses and exit loads. We like products that demonstrate performance consistency. Basically, product must make an objective investment sense.

Right Portfolio

Adding too many products in the portfolio plays against the portfolio’s performance as also complicates the portfolio. This approach doesn’t get you higher return; in fact, it adversely impacts the performance as good ones get balanced with bad performing ones . Our philosophy is to un clutter the portfolio by identifying under performers and simplifying its structure. The aim is to achieve right asset allocation with apt diversification. This is very important and needs right, focused, and research based approach, which is what we provide.

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Don’t Just Invest. Make an Informed Decision.