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Key Attributes

Inception Date: November 2018

Number of Stocks : 24

Founder & Portfolio Manager: Amit Jeswani

Portfolio Manager's Experience: 5 years of experience in the Indian Capital markets across various functional areas.

Portfolio Manager's Qualification: CFA , CMT . Graduate in Business from Kingston University London

Investment Objective

The strategy aims to invest in the leader of bull run over every 1-3 year period, as the fund manager believes that the leader of the previous bull run might not lead the next bull run and thus has a knack to find leaders for every bull runs. Leaders in bulls runs are created by strong earnings momentum – the strategy aims to invest in companies that exhibit sustainable growth in earnings of close to 20% over the next 1-3 years.

The portfolio aims to create wealth in the stcok market and generate highest alpha for investors.

Investment Philosophy

Stallion Asset’s Private Limited core is its Unique Philosophy of catching large trends in the Market. They are not interested in 10-20% up moves; instead look at buying companies that can give our clients multiple time (multibagger) returns. Their niche lies in buying great Midcap companies which are often ignored by the Analyst Community.

Portfolio Construct

The portfolio has a consistent strategy of only buying companies that fit the stringent criteria of Growth at a Reasonable Prices. The portfolio follows a 4-sector focused approach in Indian equities with a ‘Buy & Rotate’ Strategy. With a multicap approach and consistent performance, Stallion Asset follows growth investing as its core philosophy and prefers stocks that have hit 52 week highs rather than lows.

The portfolio construct is such that 40-60% weight is on Core Stocks, 40-50% weight is on Trends, and remaining is on Special Situations.


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