Sameeksha Capital Equity PMS

Key Portfolio Attributes

Mr. Bhavin Shah

Inception Date: 01-Apr-2016

Number of Stocks :15-25

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Bhavin Shah

Fund Manager Experience:

Mr. Bhavin Shah is one of the most awarded (unprecedented streak of a decade of number One Rankings by the Global Institutional Investors) professionals in the industry. In his career spanning over twenty years, Bhavin has played leadership roles in building from scratch three top ranked Institutional Equity franchises: Global (JP Morgan), Asian (Credit Suisse) and Indian (Equirus). Bhavin set up Sameeksha Capital to manage his personal savings in an institutional setup and hence enable others to benefit from his expertise. As such, he is Sameeksha’s first client, and under his leadership, Sameeksha PMS has delivered superior performance since inception. Bhavin has appeared on business TV channels and Magazines across the globe to present his views on equities.

Fund Manager Qualification:

He holds an MBA degree with Beta Gamma Sigma honours from the top ranked University of Chicago Booth school of Business and a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of California. Bhavin jointly holds two US patents for Microprocessor Design.

Investment Philosophy

The fund focus on process driven investing and have developed proprietary analytical models and methods which we follow rigorously to identify companies with superior risk-reward characteristics. A comprehensive set of rules guide us in our investment process and arguably reduce individual biases and mistakes.
It pursues an absolute return strategy and invest in equities with a long term (three year plus) horizon but do not restrict ourselves to any specific holding period.

Portfolio Strategy

• Provide superior long term returns while protecting against permanent loss of capital using Long biased strategy.

• Follow rigorous fundamental research-driven and rule based investment process that is disciplined and yet leaves enough room for creativity and ingenuity.

• Focus on long-term return and hence may experience short term volatility, but will use its research capability to minimize the permanent loss of capital and will adhere to established risk guidelines

Performance Table #

Trailing Returns (%) 1m return 3m return 6m return 1y return 2y return 3y return 5y return 10y return Since inception return
Nifty 500 TRI-3.20%4.30%16.10%4.80%17.40%17.80%11.80%-15.40%

QRC Report Card *


Portfolio Holdings

Holding %

Sector Allocation

Holding %
Real Estate Operating Companies 6.12
Insurance 7.57
Chemicals 9.49
Pharmaceuticals 9.93
Banking and Finance 27.18

Market Cap Allocation

Allocations %
Large Cap 30.00
Mid Cap 9.00
Small Cap 53.00
Cash 8.00

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From the Founders & Managers of Sameeksha Capital PMS

What to expect from Sameeksha Capital’s Equity PMS?

Sameeksha capital was set up by our founder and fund manager, Bhavin Shah to manage his personal savings in an institutional setup. He directs all of his investments (which is more than 15% of the total AUM) in Indian equities through Sameeksha’s investment products and has no side pockets for investing in Indian equities reflecting significant alignment of interest b/w investors and fund managers. We’re sector agnostic bottom-up investors who follow rule based, process driven (140+ checklist), research heavy and technology backed approach. We invest in companies across market capitalization, have sustainable competitive advantage, are run by competent management and pass our stringent corporate governance checklist, among other things. We take active cash calls in market extremities since we’re flexible to increase cash position. This also coincides with our portfolio approach since we do not follow the model portfolio approach and have a buy-sell framework. This means that if new money comes in, we don’t just copy our current portfolio, we only enter if we’re comfortable at a particular price point. This in turn allows customization for each client portfolio.

Who should invest in this PMS?

We offer our services to institutional, family offices and high net worth investors. We count some very prominent and globally recognizable names as our valuable clients. We have grown primarily through word of mouth till date and predominantly from capital appreciation rather than fundraising. We always look forward to partnering with like-minded investors who understand our investment philosophy and would stay invested with us across extended time periods.  Clients investing with us across extended time periods have enjoyed meaningful alpha irrespective of the time of their entry.

Which is the best company through which an investor can invest in Sameeksha Capital Equity PMS?

We recommend PMS AIF WORLD, because, it is one unique platform that offers real knowledge driven investing with their highly meaningful data, reports, and content that is written very well. PMS AIF World is a team of highly articulate, educated, and experienced people.


#Returns as of 31 Dec 2022. Returns up to 1 Year are absolute, above 1 Year are CAGR.

*QRC Report Card data is updated quarterly. Current data is as of Sep 22.

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