Your Advisor could be keeping you BUSY with what is EASY, however,
Wealth grows by doing what is RIGHT and not what is EASY


Strategising Investment plan that aligns risk and return through an appropriate asset allocation. Selecting investment options after thoroughly analysing fund’s investment objectives, fund size, performance track-record, fund manager’s investing style and fund management expenses. Creating an optimal investment portfolio that is just in-line with the risk-profile. Tracking the markets and reviewing the portfolio on an on-going basis to ensure that high performance is achieved with minimum volatility.

Consolidated Statements across PMSs, AIFs, & MFs for our clients



Just telling you want you want to hear is not the Right Service. We call this, “mere socializing and selling approach”. Our philosophy is based on suitability and not sales. So we don’t sell you what you want; we serve you on what your portfolio needs, and what is right for you. From financial planning to asset allocation & from asset allocation to asset re-balancing, we do not hesitate in servicing you in line with what is right and important for you even if its against your biases. Our educative approach makes it possible.


Market is cluttered with thousands of financial products. Most are manufactured keeping in mind product seller’s interests. Our philosophy is to select the product with insight as well as integrity. For an example, if an equity product is not good for long term returns, it is not recommended. Similarly if a debt product has un-due risk, or lock-in, it is also not recommended. We are simply against debt oriented hybrid products. So, basically, an investment product must be making a sense for the objective being targeted.


Adding too many products in the portfolio plays against the portfolio’s performance as this complicates the portfolio. This approach doesn’t get you higher return; in fact, it adversely impacts the performance as good funds get balanced with bad performing ones . Our philosophy is to un clutter the portfolio by identifying under performers and simplifying its structure. The aim is to achieve right asset allocation with apt diversification. This is very important and needs the right focus.



Foundation to high performance investing is financial planning, as with it the purpose and time horizon of each investment in the portfolio is plotted rationally. Equally important is understanding the features, cost structures and appropriateness of each product being recommended. Such analytics based approach makes our clients more confident about their decisions.


Sense evolves over time with intensive study, analysis and experience. We bring all three along with the requisite certifications. This makes us a competent service provider for your investment portfolio. This is much beyond just artificial intelligence-based robotic advice, as the experience and sensitivity that a human being brings over analytics cannot be matched by any machine.


Wealth is created with patience in long term. This requires discipline which may sound simple, but is quite difficult to follow, given many behavioural biases originating from greed and fear. We stick to arduous method of educating our clients that enhances their understanding, checks and controls their biases and keeps them on track for a long term returns and multiplication.


We are ethical service providers and our sense of responsiveness differentiates us from others. Our investment philosophy makes us focus solely on our clients’ interests. We practice this daily through our strong operating mechanism which comprises of five values and three principles. We also have a list of our do’s and don’t that serves as our guide to right investing.







Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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