Themes based Multi-cap equity portfolio

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 16 Mar 2020

Number of Stocks: 30 - 35

Fund Manager Name: Dinshaw Irani

Fund Manager Experience:

Dinshaw Irani has India related investment experience of 28years (at Helios India (& Artemis Advisors- exclusive advisors to Helios Singapore): 16 years).

Fund Manager Qualification:

Mr. Dinshaw Irani has an MBA from I.R.M.A

Investment Objective

Helios India Rising PMS is a Long-biased, multi-cap portfolio management scheme. It will endeavor to generate positive alpha over its benchmark (Nifty500 index) over the medium and long term.

Investment Strategy

It is a Multi-Cap log biased equity PMS, and invests in the following 3 major themes, backed by rigorous bottom-up research and long experience of the investment team in the Indian equity markets. Fund Manager believes that bottom-up research works best in sectors/themes that have strong tailwinds. Helios believes that strong and consistent portfolio returns come from both stock selection and careful portfolio construction around basic questions :-

  • a) What stocks to buy?
  • b) What time horizon to have?
  • c) How many stocks to own? d) When to sell?

THEME 1: Compete With Government of India

  • Private companies win at the cost of government-owned companies.

THEME 2: Demographic/Lifestyle Changes

  • Invest in under-penetrated, even in urban India, secular theme.

THEME 3: Factor Cost Advantage

  • Capitalize on India’s “Global competitiveness”


  • Commodities
  • “One Billion Consumers” Stories
  • State owned companies
  • Bet on India, not on Indians


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