What is Future Value Calculator?

Future Value Calculator, is a financial metric used to calculate the end value of an investment or savings with a given initial amount, a specific target value, and a constant Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). It helps individuals determine how much their investment or savings will be worth at the end of a defined period.

Future Value Calculator

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Future Value Formula and How to Calculate it

The Future Value formula calculates the end value of an investment or savings based on the initial amount, target value, and CAGR.

It is derived from the compound interest formula:

T = P * [(1+]


  • T is the end value or target value
  • P is the initial investment or principal amount
  • r is the CAGR (expressed as a decimal)
  • n is the number of years

So, calculating Future Value Calculator involves the following steps:

  1. Specify the initial investment (P) you have
  2. Determine the target value (T) you want to achieve
  3. Define the desired CAGR (r) as a decimal
  4. Decide the number of years (n) for which you plan to invest or save
  5. Use the Future Value formula to calculate the end value (T)

For example, if you have an initial investment of 50 lakhs assume a CAGR of 20%, for a given period of 3 years, the Future Value formula would yield future value of this investment as Rs 86,40,000.


Benefits of Using a Future Value Calculator

Utilizing a Future Value Calculator offers several advantages:

  • Future Planning: It assists in planning for future financial goals by estimating the end value of investments or savings.
  • Decision-Making: Individuals can make informed decisions about their financial strategies based on the projected end value.
  • Goal Visualization: Future Value helps individuals visualize the potential outcomes of their investments over time.

FAQs on Future Value Calculator

Q1. How accurate is the Future Value Calculator for estimating end values?

The Future Value Calculator is highly accurate for estimating end values, as it considers the initial investment, desired target value, CAGR, and the investment period to provide a precise projection of the future worth.

Q2. Can Future Value Calculator be used for different types of financial goals?

Yes, Future Value Calculator is versatile and can be applied to various financial goals, such as retirement planning, savings for major expenses, and investment growth. It helps individuals tailor their financial strategies to specific objectives.

Q3. Is there a difference between CAGR and Future Value Calculator?

Yes, there is a distinction. Future Value and Future Value calculations differ in their objectives.  Future Value calculates the constant annual growth rate needed to reach a target value in a specified time frame, while Future Value determines the end value of an investment or savings based on given parameters.

Q4. What factors can influence the accuracy of Future Value calculations?

Several factors can impact the accuracy of Future Value estimates, including changes in the initial investment, fluctuations in the CAGR rate, adjustments to the target value, and variations in the investment period. Providing accurate input data is essential for reliable results.

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