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Ampersand Growth Opportunities Fund Scheme (AGOFS-1) – CAT III AIF

Key Portfolio Attributes

Fund Manager Name: Arun Subrahmanyam, Founding Partner & Sanjaya Satpathy, Portfolio Manager

Fund Manager Qualification: Mr. Sanjaya Satpathy is a B.E. (Electrical) from UCE Burla, and MBA from XIM Bhubaneswar

Fund Manager Experience:

Mr. Arun Subrahmanyam has Around 3 decades of professional experience in the financial services industry. He has Domain knowledge of varied sectors and deep understanding of equity markets. He was Last employed as MD, Bank of America-Merrill Lynch 2004-15. He has been awarded the mantle of The Top rated Auto analyst by Institutional Investor (II). He has Held various equity research positions at HSBC and SSKI, started his career at ICICI. He is the Principal founder and partner of this firm

Mr. Sanjaya Satpathy has Over 16 years of experience in fundamental research across multiple sectors. Voted best mid-cap analyst (II) and best stock picker by Starmine. Last employed Senior Analyst, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch2006-16

Started equity research career in First Global followed by HSBC and ABN Amro

Investment Objective

Ampersand Growth Opportunities Fund Scheme (AGOFS-1) – CAT III AIF seeks to deliver substantial capital appreciation by targeting a mix of growth-oriented companies with scalable business models.

The fund operates with an open-ended structure and prioritizes tax-efficient returns for investors, maintaining a balanced focus on both established large caps for stability and smaller, dynamic companies for higher growth potential.

Investment Philosophy

Ampersand Growth Opportunities Fund Scheme (AGOFS-1) – CAT III AIF embodies a philosophy that champions investing in ‘right stocks at the right time and the right size.’ It concentrates on quality management, attractive markets, and strategic business models, aiming to capitalize on cyclical market trends and valuation opportunities. The philosophy also incorporates a prudent consideration of risk, striving to strike an optimal balance between growth prospects and volatility.

Ampersand Growth Opportunities Fund Scheme (AGOFS-1) – CAT III AIF investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that superior returns are the product of disciplined investment decisions, recognizing the intrinsic value in growth-oriented companies. The philosophy hinges on identifying businesses with excellent management teams, strong market positioning, and strategies that ensure a sustained competitive edge. By doing so, the fund seeks to unearth and invest in companies that are not just industry leaders but also show potential for significant market share and profitability growth.

Investment Strategy

Ampersand Growth Opportunities Fund Scheme (AGOFS-1) – CAT III AIF investment strategy is multifaceted, leveraging meticulous stock selection, timing market cycles, and sizing investments to optimize returns and risk. The fund uses a scientific approach to identify entry and exit points, ensuring investments are made during a sector’s or a company’s sweet spot. Portfolio construction adheres to disciplined practices that maximize gains while diversifying to mitigate risk.

The investment strategy of Ampersand Growth Opportunities Fund Scheme (AGOFS-1) – CAT III AIF revolves around a data-driven, analytical approach that involves a granular examination of market cycles, business valuations, and sectoral trends. The fund employs a rigorous stock-picking methodology, supported by comprehensive research and a deep understanding of the macroeconomic environment. It optimizes the portfolio through a blend of large, mid, and small-cap stocks, carefully calibrating the investment size to balance return expectations with market liquidity and risk considerations. This multi-cap strategy aims to extract value across market segments, achieving a well-rounded exposure to the growth levers within the Indian economy.

Some other investment screeners include:

• Consumption related names, led by shift from unorganized to organized sector

• Financials led by technology disruption and reduction in credit costs

• Capex cycle led by value migration to IT spend from physical Infrastructure

• Pharmaceuticals, Specialty & Agro Chemicals; driven by product capability and diminishing regulatory headwinds

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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