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11TH & 12TH FEB 2022

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11TH & 12TH FEB 2022

Six Imp Questions that will be answered

What does the characteristic of recent fall in Quality Companies tell us about the market trend in 2022?

With Fed Hawkish stance, has Bull Markets ended and will we see sell on rise trend coming or it conveys that Covid has ended, and economy back on track to $5 Trillion GDP aims?

How can one make the right decisions when nothing stays the same, & the future is unknowable?

To beat the market, is it important to be brave enough, and be independent in an investment stance which is different from the crowd?

Has the Indian economy really come back on account of meaningful reforms or ground reality is different and it cannot be conclusively said so yet, and a lot needs to happen?

What do Winning & Losing Stock Stories of last decade teach us in terms of what is rewarded and what is punished by Stock Markets, and so what should be the construct & composition of a Winning Equity Portfolio for next 5 to 10 years?

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This led to the creation of PMS AIF WORLD, where we focus on the best quality products, analysis-backed selection, and the finest educative approach for informed investment decisions.

Our right intent and relentless efforts have made us a trusted platform in the space of alternates.


What Can One Expect

Becoming a Great Investor

Earning from investing is a path that is 100 times more difficult than Earning from working. But the power of compounding makes the former worth learning, so how does one become a great investor, an expert in this field?

Learning High-Performance habits

In life, high performance begins with an aim, and this is pursued with discipline. Investing is no different, but, learning the rules of the game is important. So what is the right approach that brings Alpha as well as Consistency?

Stock Ideas & their Stories

Though it is true that historical returns may not be repeated, and hence should not be the sole mechanism for judging, it is always good to learn from the history of successful investments. But where to focus?

Difference a Money Manager brings

There are probably 1000 times or more AUM that is being self-managed in Real estate, Gold, and Equities. Why is this so and what real difference does a professional money manager create which becomes deserving for a fee?

Esteemed Speakers

Bharat Shah Portfolio – ASK Group

Executive Director, ASK Group

Anup Maheshwari Portfolio – 360 One Asset

CO-Founder & CIO, 360 One Asset

Anirudhha Sarkar Portfolio – Quest Investment Advisors

CIO & Portfolio Manager, Quest Investment Advisors

Amit Jeswani Portfolio – Stallion Asset

Founder & CIO, Stallion Asset

Anunaya Kumar Portfolio – National Sales Head, 360 One Asset

President & National Sales Head, 360 One Asset

Amit Ratanpal Portfolio – BLinC Invest

Founder & Managing Director, BLinC Invest

Hiren Ved Portfolio

Co-Founder and CIO, Alchemy Capital

Naveen Chandramohan Portfolio – ITUS Capital

Founder & Fund Manager, ITUS Capital

Madanagopal Ramu Portfolio – Sundaram Alternates

Head - Equities and Fund Manager, Sundaram Alternates

Harsh Agarwal Portfolio – equity hedge PMS

Head - Alternative Strategies, Tata AMC

Nalin Moniz Portfolio – Goldman Sachs Asset Managem

CIO - Alternative Equity, Edelweiss

Krishna Narnolia Portfolio – Narnolia Group

Founder & CMD, Narnolia Group

Kunal Pawaskar Portfolio – Tata AMC

Principal Officer & Head - Portfolio Management Services, Tata AMC

Neil Bahal Portfolio – Negen Capital

Founder & CIO, Negen Capital

Dhiraj Sachdev Portfolio – Roha Asset Managers LLP

Managing Partner & CIO, Roha Asset Managers

Rajesh Kothari Portfolio – AlfAccurate

Founder & MD, AlfAccurate Advisors

Prashant Khemka Portfolio – White OAK Capital

Founder - White Oak Capital Management

Nimesh Mehta Portfolio – ASK Investment

Director & Country Head- Sales & Products, ASK Investment Managers

Raamdeo Agrawal Portfolio – Motilal Oswal

Chairman, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited

Samit Vartak Portfolio – SageOne PMS

Founding Partner and CIO, SageOne Investment Managers

Ashwin Patni Portfolio – Axis AMC

Head- Products & Alternatives, Axis AMC

Ms. Radhika Gupta Portfolio – Edelweiss PMS

CEO of Edelweiss Asset Management

Sunil Singhania Portfolio – Abakkus PMS

Founder, Abakkus Asset Manager

Siddhartha Bhaiya Portfolio – Aequitas PMS

Managing Director Aequitas Investment Consulting Private Limited

Shankar Gopalan Portfolio – Quest Investment Advisors

Chief Distribution Officer & Head of Sales, Quest Investment Advisors

Shailendra Kumar Portfolio – Narnolia

Co-founder & CIO, Narnolia

Anunaya Kumar Portfolio – National Sales Head, 360 One Asset

President & National Sales Head, 360 One Asset

Rajesh Bhatia Portfolio – ITI Long Short Equity Fund

Managing Director & CIO, ITI Long Short Equity Fund

Vikas Khemani Portfolio – Carnelian Asset Advisors

Founder, Carnelian Asset Advisors

Esteemed Moderators

Mohit Bhagat Portfolio – Biz. Development, Alchemy Capital

Head - Channel Biz. Development, Alchemy Capital

Kanika Agarrwal Portfolio – Upside AI

Co-founder & CIO, Upside AI

Saurabh Patwa Portfolio – Quest Investment Advisors

Head of Research, Quest Investment Advisors

Sankalpo Manoj Pal

Business Development & Product, PMS AIF World

Lakshmi Iyer Portfolio – Kotak AMC

CEO - Investment & Strategy, Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd

Kamal Manocha

Founder & CEO, PMS AIF World

Rakhi Prasad Portfolio- Alder Capital

Investment Manager, Alder Capital

Event Schedule

Crystal Gazing Decade 3.0: Richer, Happier, Wiser Investors

Day 1 | 11th Feb 2022

Welcome Note by PMS AIF World

Kamal Manocha

Every bull run has new sectors as leaders - Identifying the leaders of the next one

Aniruddha Sarkar

Will defensives & consmer businesses continue to compound irrespective of high valuations or will cyclicals & industrials create more wealth?

Anup Maheshwari | Vikas Khemani | Hiren Ved Moderator: Saurabh Patwa

How do rich investors make wise investments?

Shankar Gopalan | Anunaya Kumar | Nimesh Mehta Moderator: Kanika Agarrwal

Identifying the DNA of Multibagger Businesses of this decade

Samit Vartak | Siddhartha Bhaiya | Dhiraj Sachdev Moderator: Kamal Manocha

What's changing in Nifty 500 as India progresses to a $5 trillion economy?

Prashant Khemka | Raamdeo Agrawal | Sunil Singhania Moderator: Kamal Manocha

Is India seeing major transformation from a concerned and risk-averse mindset to a happy and risk-taking mindset?

Aashish Somaiyaa | Krishna Narnolia | Radhika Gupta Moderator: Mohit Bhagat

Vote of Thanks and Context for the next day

Day 2 | 12th Feb 2022

Investing in Old Economy v/s New Age Businesses from the lens of new age Fund Managers

Amit Jeswani | Neil Bahal Moderator: Sankalpo Pal

Do challenges of over-valued & uncertain markets throw up the biggest opportunity for Long Short Investments?

Nalin Moniz | Harsh Agarwal | Rajesh Bhatia Moderator: Bhautik Ambani

Crystal Gazing next 5 years of growth in business earnings in various sectors and industries

Anshul Saigal | Shailendra Kumar | Madanagopal Ramu Moderator: Rakhi Prasad

The Midas touch of money managers for the Richer, Happier and Wiser investors

Samir Arora | Bharat Shah | Rajesh Kothari Moderator: Lakshmi Iyer

What type of next gen ventures in FinTech, EdTech, and ConsumerTech offer 10X return potential?

Amit Ratanpal | Debojyoti Ghosh | Abhishek Agarwal Moderator: Lavanya Ashok

How does a good Portfolio Manager maintain conviction to hold on to winners?

Kunal Pawaskar | Ashwin Patni | Naveen Chandramohan Moderator: Sonam Srivastava


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