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PMS AIF WORLD is a division of AdviceSense Wealth, offering focused, concentrated and informed investments in the growing space of PMSes and AIFs. It’s easy to socialize and sell, which is what most wealth managers do. We’re reshaping wealth management industry by sticking to basics, in-depth analytics and super well created content. We maintain insight + integrity and aim at the long term prosperity of investors . With us investors not only invest in the best quality products, but also make informed investment

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Hard earned money must be handed over to those who can do justice to it. We offer products that are managed by experienced money managers. We see through manager’s qualification, track-record, accolades as important factors while making a selection. We believe that a good manager is one who can constrain loses in down-turn, so we select those money managers whose  investment style that doesn’t involve  taking  un-due risks and stick to fundamental approach of identifying businesses that can be held for long term.

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Wealth Management Industry isn't designed to be Fair. There are thousands of products and strategies that waste time, and money. One must practice caution while investing. Besides, stock market in short term, is one place which is subjective in nature. Anything rises or falls basis perceptions, emotions and sentiments.. We offer responsible, long term investment service backed by analytics and supported by content. Invest with us in best quality products and make informed investment decisions.
Before venturing into the new investment, a review of where one stands is very important. As a first step, we do a portfolio review exercise called QRC (quality, risk, consistency) analysis. Our experience tells us that most portfolios are already over diversified, are prey to wrong asset allocation, & wrong product selection. Products we select are analyzed across 4Ps (performance, philosophy, portfolio, and price). We interview the fund management team to do this in-depth analysis.

4 P Analysis

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``Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.`` -- Henry Ford

Large Cap PMS

Large Cap PMS primarily invests in Top 100 listed companies. They have moderate Risk and moderate return potential. This is

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Mid & Small Cap PMS

Mid and Small Cap PMS invests in smaller companies which have higher risks but also very high return potential as

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Multi Cap PMS

Multi Cap PMS are market cap agnostic. They have higher risk and higher return potential as well. This is ideal

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AMBIT Good & Clean

AMBIT Good & Clean

Mid & Small Cap PMS



Mid & Small Cap PMS

Top Wealth Creating Portfolios

PMS that have delivered more than 2.5x* Return in last 5 years

Low Risk High Return Portfolios

primarily large cap PMs and have shown low volatility

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PMS AIF WORLD is the first platform helping Investors to make informed & confident investments.

Life is always uncertain, but goes on. Similarly, stock market is always uncertain, but goes on. The greatest cause of human financial struggle is the fear of losing money. Shun fear, and invest confidently with our research & advice backed approach.

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Mr Hitesh Tuteja, Senior Program Manager, Hand Enterprise Solutions

PMS-AIF provides one of the top-notch financial advisory services. For them client satisfaction is the main motto, and always delivers more than the expectations. Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in creating wealth for clients is what makes them a truly professional Financial Adviser

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They have everything in place. Years of Experience, Disciplined Approach to Investing, Robust Technology, Amazing Report System.

Every Month, We Study Period Wise Performance across
Large Cap, Mid and Small Cap and Multi Cap PMS

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Why PMS over Mutual Funds?

The difference between successful and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything - {Warren Buffett}

Above quote explains how PMS and AIFs are different from Mutual funds. PMSs focuses on a few selected companies and says no to the rest, whereas Mutual funds are made to follow too diversified approach because these are products meant for masses. Though, this helps mutual funds in reducing volatility to an extent, but more doesn't always mean low risk, and in fact exposure to more companies may increase the risk of buying less known.

Every Quarter, We Publish Research Paper Covering Economics Data Points And
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