generate returns by investing primarily in Mid and Small Cap segment

Key Attributes

Inception Date: Sep 2019

Number of Stocks : 32

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Anand Shah

Fund Manager Experience: Two decades of investment experience

Fund Manager Qualification:

Anand Shah was the recipient of ‘The CIO of the Year Award 2014-15’ from Asia Asset Management and has also won multiple other fund level awards for his investment performance. By qualification, he is a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow and holds a B.E. degree from Regional Engineering College, Surat.

Investment Objective

ICICI Prudential PMS PIPE Strategy aims to provide long-term capital appreciation and generate returns by investing predominantly, in Mid and Small Cap segment of the market by having exposure in companies enjoying some economic moat; and/or undergoing special situations or in the midst of unfavourable business cycle.

Investment Strategy

The PIPE Strategy may look to invest in companies which are fundamentally strong, and which may be considered to be one of the market leaders in their industries. Additionally, the PIPE Strategy will aim to invest in companies where the market capitalization at the time of investment is very small but has the potential to become large because of various dynamics like strong / upcoming business line, effective management, improving margins etc. The Portfolio Manager shall consider one or more of the following aspects for identifying the stocks to invest in – Stocks which have potential growth opportunities provided by business cyclicality, special situations, and/or mispricing by the market. Qualitative assessment based on the concept of ‘Moat’ which allows a firm to earn above-average returns on capital over a long period of time. Concept of Moat provides an analytical framework for selecting companies that usually perform better as compared to their competitors for a number of years the moat exists. (The details pertaining to the investment approach mentioned herein is a subset of details specified in the Disclosure Document. Kindly refer the Disclosure Document for the detailed investment approach and risk factors)


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