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10th & 11th FEB 2023

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India: Resurgence of The Golden Bird

10th & 11th FEB 2023

Esteemed Speakers

Nilesh Shah Portfolio

Managing Director, Kotak Mahindra AMC

Sunil Singhania Portfolio – Abakkus PMS

Founder, Abakkus Asset Manager

Prashant Khemka Portfolio – White OAK Capital

Founder - White Oak Capital Management

Jiten Doshi

Co-Founder & CIO, ENAM AMC

Raamdeo Agrawal Portfolio – Motilal Oswal

Chairman, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited

Ashish Ahluwalia Portfolio – Private Equity, Axis AMC

Director - Private Equity, Axis AMC

Perumal Srinivasan

Managing Partner, Xponentia Capital Partners

Anand Shah Portfolio – ICICI prudential AMC

Head – PMS & AIF, ICICI prudential AMC

Vikaas M Sachdeva Portfolio – Emkay Investment Managers

Managing Director, Sundaram Alternates

Anup Maheshwari Portfolio – 360 One Asset

CO-Founder & CIO, 360 One Asset

Samit Vartak Portfolio – SageOne PMS

Founding Partner and CIO, SageOne Investment Managers

Abhisar Jain Portfolio – Monarch AIF

Head and Fund Manager, Monarch AIF

Kunal Pawaskar Portfolio – Portfolio Management Services

Principal Officer & Head - PMS, Tata AMC

Vaibhav Sanghavi Portfolio – Avendus Capital

Co-CEO, Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP

Dhiraj Sachdev Portfolio – Roha Asset Managers LLP

Managing Partner & CIO, Roha Asset Managers

Vikram Gupta Portfolio – IvyCap Ventures

Founder & Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures

Rohit Karan

AVP - Investments, ICICI Prudential AMC

Raghavendra Reddy Portfolio – Enam AMC

Portfolio Manager, ENAM AMC

Dhaval Kapadia

Director & Portfolio Specialist, Morningstar Investment Adviser India

Utsav Mehta

Fund Manager - Alternative Equities, Edelweiss AMC

Hemant Daga Portfolio – Neo Asset Management

Co-Founder & CEO, Neo Asset Management

Ashish Khandelia Portfolio – Certus Capital I

Founder, Certus Capital &

Karthik Athreya Portfolio – Sundaram Alternates

Director and Head of Strategy - Alternative Credit, Sundaram Alternates

Anunaya Kumar Portfolio – National Sales Head, 360 One Asset

President & National Sales Head, 360 One Asset

Hitesh Zaveri

SVP & Head- Listed Equity Alternatives, Axis AMC

Rajesh Kothari Portfolio – AlfAccurate

Founder & MD, AlfAccurate Advisors

Jyotivardhan Jaipuria

Founder & Managing Director, Valentis Advisors

AV Srikanth Portfolio – Neo Wealth

Co-Founder & CEO, Neo Wealth

Anil Rego Portfolio – Right Horizons

Founder & CIO, Right Horizons

Manish Sonthalia Portfolio – Motilal Oswal PMS

Executive Director & CIO, Motilal Oswal AMC

Madanagopal Ramu Portfolio – Sundaram Alternates

Head - Equities and Fund Manager, Sundaram Alternates

Harsh Agarwal Portfolio – equity hedge PMS

Head - Alternative Strategies, Tata AMC

Vikas Khemani Portfolio – Carnelian Asset Advisors

Founder, Carnelian Asset Advisors

Esteemed Moderators

Vanshika Kumar Portfolio – South Asia, Bloomberg

Buy-Side, Market & Product Specialist - South Asia, Bloomberg

Lakshmi Iyer Portfolio – Kotak AMC

CEO - Investment & Strategy, Kotak Investment Advisors Ltd

Ritika Farma

Director & EVP, PMS AIF World

Kamal Manocha

Founder & CEO, PMS AIF World

Namesh Chhangani

Head of Research, Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies LLP

Amit Jeswani Portfolio – Stallion Asset

Founder & CIO, Stallion Asset

Ms N Mahalakshmi

Senior Consulting Editor, Moneycontrol

Aprajita Sharma

Freelance Financial Journalist

Kanika Agarrwal Portfolio – Upside AI

Co-founder & CIO, Upside AI

Event Schedule

CRYSTAL GAZING 4.0 : Resurgence of The Golden Bird

Day 1 | 10th Feb 2023


Aakriti Narula

India’s Rise to being a Superpower

Vikaas M. Sachdeva

10X returns- Aspired by many, achieved by few. How to aim this over the next 10 yrs?

Dhiraj Sachdev | Anil Rego | Anirudh Garg Moderator: Ritika Farma

The Hedge Fund Edge

Vaibhav Sanghavi

Art & Science of spotting multibaggers amongst mid-stage unlisted businesses with high risk of failures

Ashish Ahluwalia | Perumal Srinivasan | Vikram Gupta Moderator: N Mahalakshmi

Steering portfolio towards continued wealth creation when the world is heading towards recession

Prashant Khemka | Raamdeo Agrawal | Nilesh Shah | Jiten Doshi Moderator: Kamal Manocha

Growth, Value Or Multi Asset - Which approach looks best for the next 3 years?

Kunal Pawaskar | Abhisar Jain | Dhaval Kapadia Moderator: Kanika Agarrwal

Quantitative Tightening, Elections '24, & Global Uncertainties- Scope for Long Short Investments?

Utsav Mehta | Rohit Karan Moderator: Namesh Chhangani

Expansion in Indian private capex - An opportunity for private credit funds?

Karthik Athreya | Hemant Daga | Ashish Khandelia Moderator: Aprajita Sharma

Vote of Thanks and Context for the next day

Team PMS AIF World

Day 2 | 11th Feb 2023


Aakriti Narula

Driving '23 towards Alpha generation in equities, through learnings of '22

Samit Vartak | Sunil Singhania | Samir Arora Moderator: Kamal Manocha

Opportunities that will drive GDP & Returns

Raghavendra Reddy | Anshul Saigal | Hitesh Zaveri Moderator: Vanshika Kumar

Evolving Markets & Changing Trends

Anand Shah

How will manufacturing businesses bring a turnaround in the Indian economy?

Vikas Khemani | Anup Maheshwari | Manish Sonthalia Moderator: N Mahalakshmi

Will future equity returns beat past equity returns, and which businesses will be the leaders of the next bull run?

Rajesh Kothari | Andrew Holland | Jyotivardhan Jaipuria Moderator: Amit Jeswani

Managing other people's money as a business with a promise of outperformance

Madanagopal Ramu | A V Srikanth | Harsh Agarwal | Anunaya Kumar Moderator: Lakshmi Iyer

Awards Ceremony

Team IIM-A

Vote of Thanks

Team PMS AIF World

Six Imp Questions that will be answered

India entered this decade with a fairly comfortable degree of macro-economic and policy stability. But within the first 3 years of this decade, we have witnessed a lot of turmoil. Standing at a crucial juncture now, how fast will India recover from the macro shocks & what should investors hold on to?

Which sectors & themes will have a massive role to play in the GDP Growth & Economy uptick that India is poised to see?

Most global banks and agencies have downgraded their growth outlook for India to below 7%. In such a scenario, how are markets expected to perform for the next few years?

With 71% of MNCs considering India as an important destination for their global expansion (according to a report released by EY-CII), what is the expected FII activity & how will that impact investors’ decisions to invest?

Once branded a “third world country,” India is now among the biggest economies of the world. What lies ahead for India & what should investors look out for?

If the Indian economy is considered to be at an inflexion point, will we succumb to the ongoing global shocks or emerge victorious out of it? How will a global recession impact us & what should be the investment approach going forward?


This led to the creation of PMS AIF WORLD, where we focus on the best quality products, analysis-backed selection, and the finest educative approach for informed investment decisions.

Our right intent and relentless efforts have made us a trusted platform in the space of alternates.


What Can One Expect

India’s Showtime

The Indian Economy, aided by corporate earnings is persistently showing an unprecedented growth trend. We, at PMS AIF WORLD, have strongly believed that the present time is a show time for India and syncing that thought, the central theme of our Annual Event is the Resurgence of Indian Economy in this decade again, as a Golden Bird, as we were known 200 years ago.

Informed Investments

Attributes of the last decade were low growth and high liquidity. However, attributes of the current decade are high growth and low liquidity on account of quantitative tightening in the current macro scenario. Knowledge is the only way to make well informed investment decisions, and our endeavours have always been to guide investors in their Wealth Creation journey.

Insightful Sessions

What constitutes India’s economy, and what constitutes the Sensex & Nifty are very different businesses. Many times investors confuse the performance of these frontline indices with the performance of the economy. The sessions will aim to get a clearer understanding of the broader picture in terms of investment insights which are beyond top 100 companies.

Intersting Perspectives

Last 1 year has seen indices like Hang Seng, Dow Jones down by 35% and 20% respectively, but, Nifty is only down 3% from its all-time highs. Additionally, Nifty Forward PE and Fixed Income PE are at similar levels, and in terms of valuations, we stand at levels seen in the depths of the pandemic. What does all this convey and its impact will be presented in the form of different perspectives.

Industry Veterans

The lineup for the event constitutes of the most experienced money managers and investment industry leaders who will be speaking for the sake of crystal gazing this decade & express their candid outlook on the way forward. The panel discussions for the event will be an amalgamation of thoughts to bring out the best views and opinions, all aimed for the benefit of investors.

CRYSTAL GAZING 4.0 : Resurgence of The Golden Bird

10th & 11th FEB 2023

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