Prudent Equity ACE Fund- Long Only Category III AIF

Key Portfolio Attributes

Siddharth Oberoi

Fund Category: Category III AIF

Structure: Open Ended

Fund Manager’s Name: Mr. Siddharth Oberoi

Fund Manager’s Experience: 27 years

Fund Manager’s Qualification: MBA (Finance)

Investment Objective

The investment objective of Prudent Equity ACE Fund Long Only Cat III AIF is to invest in companies that increase the clients capital at high rates over a long term period while employing less risk. The fund will also look to invest in debt instruments in accordance with the Regulations.

Prudent Equity is an esteemed asset management company that has been serving family offices, High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), and retail investors since 2012.

The company’s team comprises professionally certified experts with diverse investment backgrounds, bringing a wealth of expertise to their approach. The Chief Investing Officer, with 27 years of full-time investing experience, stands out as a seasoned veteran, enriching the team’s strategy with deep insights and knowledge.

Prudent Equity firmly believes in the power of intensive and comprehensive research to drive exceptional investment returns. The company adheres to strict proprietary investment criteria when selecting securities, ensuring that each investment aligns with their high standards of quality and potential.

The approach of Prudent Equity ACE Fund Cat III AIF puts emphasis on company specific strengths such as overall financial abilities, management, differentiated products and services and many more.

Investment Philosophy

The investment strategy of Prudent Equity ACE Fund Long Only Cat III AIF is to follow a bottom up value investing approach to identify companies trading below their intrinsic value and that provides significant upside potential with limited downside risk. Although the fund’s core principle remains towards capital protection, this strategy has proved to deliver outsized gains.

The strategy emphasizes the unique strengths of each company, including its financial robustness, management quality, and capital allocation policies.

Investment Strategy

Prudent Equity ACE Fund- Long Only Category III AIF focuses on investing in value-oriented growth companies that demonstrate high growth rates.

The fund places a strong emphasis on corporate governance, employing forensic accounting techniques and prioritizing fair capital allocation. Additionally, it ensures equitable treatment of minority shareholders.

In its investment approach, the fund seeks a margin of safety by acquiring assets at a substantial discount to their estimated intrinsic value.

Furthermore, Prudent Equity ACE Fund avoids companies with suboptimal capital structures, such as those that are highly leveraged or engage in frequent equity dilution, to maintain a balanced and prudent portfolio.

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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