Fixed Returns & Capital Protection + Full Equity Upside and No Equity Downside

Key Attributes

Inception Date: Ongoing

Tenure: 3.5 Years

Portfolio Construct: AA Rated MLDs of Edelweiss Group Company

Fund Manager Name: Edelweiss Multi Strategy Funds

Benefit of Edelweiss: More than 30% Market Share in Structure Products

What is TWIN WIN

Fixed Returns and Capital Protection – Fixed Return payable at Maturity. Taxable at 10% LTCG.

Full Equity Upside | No Equity Downside – If Nifty gives more return than absolute fixed return over 3 Years, TWIN WIN gives Nifty 50 returns. In case Nifty is down after 3 Years, you still get Capital + Fixed Return

EDELWEISS TWIN WIN – Product gives higher of Fixed Returns of Nifty Returns over 3 Years. Thus no need to allocate between Debt and Equity, TWIN WIN gives you the best of both

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