ICICI Prudential Equity Opportunities Fund – Series II- Category III AIF

Key Portfolio Attributes

Fund Category: Series II - Category III AIF

Sub-Category: Long Only

Structure: Close Ended

Fund Tenure: 7 + 1 + 1 years

Investment Objective

The investment objective of ICICI Prudential Equity Opportunities Fund – Series II- Category III AIF is centered on capital appreciation over the long term through a disciplined investment in equity and equity-related securities. Here is a synthesis of its investment objective based on the details provided:

The fund aims to identify and invest in companies that exhibit potential for significant earnings growth and possess a sustainable competitive edge. This involves seeking out businesses that not only show promise in terms of performance but are also led by capable management teams and are available at valuations that are deemed reasonable.

Embracing a ‘contrarian investing’ philosophy, the fund often selects stocks that are contrary to the prevailing market sentiment. This could include companies that benefit from economic moats, operate in sectors with high entry barriers, are experiencing special situations, or are currently at an unfavorable point in the business cycle but have the potential to recover and grow.

The scheme does not confine itself to a particular segment of the market capitalization spectrum. Instead, it strives for optimal diversification across large-cap, mid-cap, and small-cap stocks, shifting its focus among these categories to where it sees the best opportunities for generating alpha—the measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis.

While the fund predominantly invests in listed equity, it retains the flexibility to allocate up to 10% of its investable funds to unlisted equities if the investment manager identifies appropriate opportunities that align with the fund’s overarching strategy and objectives.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of ICICI Prudential Equity Opportunities Fund – Series II- Category III AIF can be explained via three main points:

  1. Underlying Opportunities: The fund looks for market opportunities, sectors that are consolidating, changes in consumer trends, special situations, and businesses that are facing temporary headwinds. This suggests that the fund aims to identify and invest in areas where there’s potential for growth or recovery that may not be fully recognized by the market yet.
  1. Improving Financials & Reasonably Priced: The fund focuses on companies that are expected to have improving growth prospects and are reasonably priced. It looks for businesses that might be underappreciated by others. This indicates an investment strategy that combines growth and value investing—searching for companies that are expected to grow but are not overvalued by the market.
  1. Potential Re-rating Driving Performance: The fund believes that improving sentiments due to better business prospects, wider or deeper moats, and cost advantages can lead to a re-rating of the company’s stock. This would enhance the performance of the investment as the market recognizes the company’s true value. The points listed are:
    – Improving Sentiments on the Back of Better Business Prospects
    – Wider/Deeper Moats
    – Cost Advantage

This philosophy seems to be aimed at identifying companies with solid fundamentals that are trading at prices that do not fully reflect their future growth potential, with the expectation that the market will eventually recognize this and the stock prices will adjust upwards, resulting in gains for the fund.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy of ICICI Prudential Equity Opportunities Fund – Series II- Category III AIF emphasizes long-term growth, strong fundamentals, and unique market opportunities:

  • Seeking Long-Term Opportunities: The fund looks for investment opportunities that will yield returns over a longer horizon.
  • Sound Fundamentals and Wider Moats: Investments are sought in businesses that have strong fundamentals and competitive advantages or moats.
  • Special Situations and Market Leaders: The fund targets companies that are either in unique situations, facing temporary setbacks, market leaders, or those showing significant cost leadership.
  • Benchmark Agnostic: The fund does not adhere to any specific benchmark, allowing for flexibility in stock selection.
  • Active Share: The strategy focuses on high active share versus the S&P BSE 200 index, indicating that the fund’s holdings are significantly different from the constituents of this index.
  • No Style Constraints: The fund does not limit itself to a particular investment style, such as value or growth, giving it the freedom to invest wherever the opportunity seems most promising.

Portfolio Construction:

The portfolio construction of ICICI Prudential Equity Opportunities Fund – Series II- Category III AIF is represented as a funnel, starting with a broad universe and narrowing down to a focused portfolio through a series of steps:

  1. Initial In-house Screening Process: Out of an initial universe of approximately 2500 companies, an in-house screening process is applied to identify potential investment candidates.
  2. Active Coverage of Company: The list is then refined to around 585 companies that are actively covered and analyzed further.
  3. Applying the BMV Filtration: BMV stands for Business, Management, and Valuation. The filtration process likely involves evaluating these three aspects to narrow down the list to about 120-160 companies.
  4. Strategy Level Filter: Further strategic filtering criteria are applied, concentrating the list to 40-45 companies.
  5. Portfolio Construction: The final portfolio is constructed with about 25-30 companies, chosen for their alignment with the fund’s investment philosophy and strategy.

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