What lies ahead from here? – A special report for equity investors

Over the last couple of weeks, equity markets have been very volatile and Nifty is down by ~38% from its peak level. The spread of the virus has triggered panic across the world and shaken the confidence of investors. PMS AIF WORLD interviewed eight prominent personalities from the industry and collated their views to bring you a special report, which will help you to understand the market movements in the coming months.

Invest in Equity for WEALTH CREATION, But Remember..

When we have to travel a short distance in our own city, we’re often confused about the mode of commute that would be optimal – should I drive my car ? should I take a cab ? should I take a metro ? should I board a city public transport bus or maybe take a rickshaw? Isn’t it? However, we’re never so confused while travelling from Delhi to Mumbai – We know, we’re going to board a flight. Similarly, short term trading decisions may involve mental bandwidth but really do not take us much far from where we stand.

Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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