ASK Emerging Opportunities Portfolio (EOP)

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 24th August 2017

Number of stocks: 25-30

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Anant Jalan

Fund Manager Experience: 15 Years

Fund Manager Qualification: Mr. Jalan graduated Summa Cum Laude with top honours from the University of Pennsylvania with a double degree – Bachelor of Science in Economics (concentrations in Finance & Accounting) from the Wharton School and Bachelor of Science in Engineering (major in Computer Science Engineering) from the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences in 2005

Investment Objective

To build a concentrated portfolio of businesses across range of market capitalization (Large, Mid and Small cap), representing quality and superior long-term compounding potential.

Portfolio Strategy

To invest in businesses with a large competitive advantage & capital efficiency in industries with a large size of opportunity, that offer superior growth over long period of time.

Portfolio Philosophy

Differentiated and disciplined investment philosophy with focus on preservation of capital and appreciation of capital through Long term Investments in high quality companies with strong growth prospects.

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