ASK Golden Decade Fund Long Only Category III AIF

Key Portfolio Attributes

Mr. Bharat Shah

Fund Category: Long-only Category III AIF

Structure: Close ended, Long-only Category III, Alternative Investment Fund

Term: 4 years (from date of Final Closing), may be extended up to 2 years with necessary approvals

No. of stocks: Around 25

Fund Manager's Name: ASK Investment Managers Limited

Executive Director, ASK Group: Mr. Bharat Shah

Investment Objective

ASK Golden Decade Fund is a close-ended, long-only Category III AIF, which aims to build a portfolio of businesses representing quality and superior long-term compounding potential, across market capitalizations. The key investment objectives of ASK Golden Cat III AIF are capital preservation & capital appreciation over a long period of time. This can be achieved through Long term Investments in high-quality companies with strong growth prospects.

Investment Philosophy

The main reasons why one should invest in ASK Golden Cat III AIF are:

• A pure bottom up, buy & hold multi cap strategy of around 25 high quality companies

• A fitting confluence of Quality, Valuation and Time: 3 main drivers for compounding wealth

• Positioned to capitalize on the impending value migration opportunities in India

• Key beneficiaries of the economic shift in India: Financials, Consumer Durables, Manufacturing, Chemicals etc

Investment Attributes

The investment attributes of ASK Golden Decade AIF are:

Size of the Opportunity

• Size of pond v/s size of fish
• Dominance
• Resilience
• Liquidity

Earnings Growth

• Quantum
• Consistency
• Durability
• Predating (Early v/s Later)
• Compounding power

Quality of the business

• High quality of business (Superior RoCE)
• Strong moat. Impregnability
• Sustainability
• Key pivot of strong wealth creation


• Favorable Price-Value Gap
• Margin of safety

Investment Methodology

The portfolio research methodology & filtration of ASK Golden Cat III AIF can be explained by the following graphic:

Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions


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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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