Alchemy India Long Term Fund – A GIFT CITY Domiciled Cat III Long Only AIF

About Alchemy Capital Management

Alchemy Capital Management is one of the leading providers of bespoke Portfolio Management Services in India. Established in 1999, the SEBI-Registered firm is helmed by Hiren Ved, serving as the Whole-Time Director and CIO. Alchemy caters to high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutions. Managing and advising an AUM worth over USD 931 million, the firm serves a client base of 1850+ families as of June 30, 2023.
Pioneers in bottom-up stock picking approach, Alchemy places a strong emphasis on thorough research and long-term investments. Guided by a disciplined investment approach, the company aims to deliver sustainable returns. With a legacy of over 20 years, Alchemy has built a reputation for trust, integrity, and expertise. Its stable and experienced team of investment professionals possesses deep industry knowledge, enabling the firm to navigate market cycles and trends successfully.

Key People

Mr. Hiren Ved
Mr. Hiren Ved

Investment Objective

The Alchemy India Long Term Fund – A GIFT CITY Domiciled Cat III Long Only AIF aims to generate long-term absolute returns on its investors’ capital through a diversified portfolio. The fund invests primarily in Listed Indian Equities, Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPES) on listed Indian equities, and IPO opportunities. The fund’s strategy is inherently long-only, incorporating investments in IPOs/Anchor of Indian companies across various market caps without leveraging or engaging in borrowing.

Investment Philosophy

The Alchemy India Long Term Fund – A GIFT CITY Domiciled Cat III Long Only AIF’s investment philosophy is centered around the “Growth at a Reasonable Price” approach, underpinned by the belief in India’s high-growth potential. The fund seeks to invest in companies poised to capitalize on domestic and global opportunities. Emphasizing long-term investments, the philosophy discourages frequent trading to capitalize on short-term market volatility, aiming instead for sustained growth and value creation over time.

Investment Strategy

The Alchemy India Long Term Fund – A GIFT CITY Domiciled Cat III Long Only AIF employs a concentrated portfolio strategy, with approximately 20-40 different positions, allowing for a focused investment approach. Starting weights for stocks can go up to 5%, scaled over time, with a maximum stock exposure of 15% of the portfolio and a sector exposure cap of 40%. The fund’s portfolio construction is benchmark agnostic and market cap agnostic, signifying flexibility in investment choices. With a general holding period of two years or more, the fund emphasizes a patient investment approach to realize long-term gains.

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