Return of the RETURNS

From Crisis to V Shape Recovery and MORE

Nothing has changed mankind as much as COVID has. The early days of COVID were marked with the highest level of panic and fear. Stock markets naturally mirrored the same kind of fear and panic so much so that circuit filters were implemented on India’s benchmark NIFTY 50 index. The year 2020 has been a phenomenal year for traders as well as investors as Nifty 50 itself showed a swing of – 40% to + 80%, a whopping 120% momentum. As we come to the last month of this calendar year – we reflect back on the RETRUN of the RETURNS.

Sankalpo Manoj Pal

Business Development - PMS AIF World

We see the evolution of PMS and AIFs a robust momentum, and at PMS AIF World we are creating a sustainable long-term value for all our stakeholders.

A typical Bollywood movie of 2 hours. It begins with something light-hearted, then the tragedy is revealed over the next 30 mins, and in the next 30 mins, the story becomes complicated. But in the last 1 hour, the tragedy is resolved and complication is simplified. The stock market story of the year 2020 is no different.

Act 1: Market Crashed over a few weeks and began the year 2020 as a Bollywood Movie?

As COVID spread, the market crashed because of a perceived fear that the capitalistic system built over years would crumble down. There were multiple lockdowns imposed across the world, major cities like London, Rome, Mumbai, Delhi, New York City, Madrid saw law enforcement agencies shutting these cities and while the world rushed to upload the photos of their Dalgona Coffee – it seemed that the businesses were broken and no turn around was possible.

Act 2: Markets recovered step by step. What lies ahead in the post Covid World, in 2021?

At PMS AIF WORLD, we viewed, COVID related market crash as sign of too much fear, and reminded investors to be a bit greedy. We re-iterated this belief through 25+ highly successful webinars across series Covid 19 to Wealth 20 we conducted over the course of this year 2020. And, we remember concluding a “Cautiously Bullish” Stance way back in May 2020 virtual event organized along with industry veterans like Mr. Nilesh Shah, MD Kotak AMC, Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal, Chairam, Motilal Oswal, Mr. Hiran Ved, Co-founder, Alchemy. Those investors who selected to associate with us, made informed investment decisions, and are celebrating the RETURNS J

Our confidence was based on our belief in the progressive reforms, technological advancements and that systems built over years of experience are strong enough to tackle the disease.

Eventually, all of us have seen on one side how vulnerable and on the other side how resilient humankind is. The Returns returned to the stock market as the confidence in the systems has been restored.

While we see valuations soaring and markets not taking even a breather, we’re organizing a confluence of best minds from the corporate world as well as the PMS AIF industry to discuss and understand “Where Will Wealth Be Created In The Post Covid World” on 5th and 6th February 2021.

Virtual Event : Crystal Gazing 2.0

Where Will Wealth be Created In The Post Covid World?

5th and 6th February 2021

We at PMS AIF WORLD work with investors not just to make them invest, but associate to make informed investment decisions towards long term wealth creation and prosperity of our clients.


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