PMS AIF WORLD was set up in 2019 with an aim of informed investing experience for savvy investors. Kamal Manocha, the founder of PMS AIF WORLD, had previously worked for a decade with Citibank, Delhi. He was unsatisfied with the way banks and private wealth management firms were operating as these firms were relying primarily on relationship traits as a mechanism to acquire clients and were focussed on selling a few branded products only, especially in the space of PMS and AIFs; with low knowledge in this area, as there was no way to compare and analyze these products. But PMS AIF WORLD is transforming this space with the power of data, analysis, audio-video content, articles, interviews, educative webinars with an aim of offering the best quality products which follow a simple approach to wealth creation along with simplistic content & analysis for an informed investing experience. We are very selective in our approach, and analyze PMS AIF products across 5 Ps – People, Philosophy, Performance, Portfolio, Price.

At PMS AIF WORLD, all PMS AIF Products are listed with all possible information and data for investors to understand & compare these products from the lens of risks as well as returns.

A unique proprietary framework has been founded by PMS AIF WORLD whereby 3 important attributes i.e. Quality (Q), Risk(R), and Consistency(C) are presented for more than 150 portfolio management services by covering 9 factors like Standard deviation, Beta, Sharpe, Alpha, Consistency Ratio, and so on. Many investors as well as the industry are using this proprietary framework to learn, compare, and select the best PMS products in India.

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