Why and how Alternative Investment Funds give you an edge?

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Successful hedge funds will be entrepreneurial; it is the essence of the craft. –Paul Singer

AIFs combines the operational ease of a mutual fund and the flexibility of a PMS making it a perfect blend geared for generating optimum performance for a stipulated investment objective. To enhance risk-adjusted performance, these products can use complex strategies like unlisted equity investments, long-short hedging style of investments etc

Skin in the Game

• Investment Manager (IM) / Sponsor must invest 10cr or 5% of the committed capital whichever is lower
• Alignment of Interest
• IM / Sponsor must be well-capitalized

Flexible Investment Mandate

• Can raise money in drawdown mode and so take advantage of market volatility
• There is No compulsion to reinvest. Can return the capital by booking profits from securities that attain targets, before the completion of the tenure of fund. Helps in profit booking if valuations are high
• Allowed to Participate in IPOs as Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB)
• Allowed to invest in SME Stocks

Scope for Alpha Generation

• Maximum Investors allowed per scheme is 1000
• Limited corpus allows the investment manager to create differentiated & uncorrelated portfolio
• No compulsion to invest in higher weightage stocks in Benchmark —not benchmark hugging

Ease and Convenience

• No Need to open Demat account
• Taxation at scheme level.
• Pooled vehicle hence all clients investing at the same closure have similar returns experience
• No Requirement/ Restriction of opening a PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) account for NRI investors.

The safest and most potentially profitable thing is to buy something when no one likes it. – Howard Marks

The future is never clear; you pay a very heavy price in the stock market for a cheery consensus. Uncertainty is actually a friend of the buyer of long-term values. – Warren Buffett

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