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Year of Inception 2015-09-02
Number of Stocks -
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Beta (1Y)

About UNIFI Capital

Unifi was established in 2001 as a specialized Portfolio Management company offering innovative investment strategies with superior risk adjusted returns. The core team at Unifi has on average 20+ years of experience in capital markets. At Unifi, they continuously focus on Relationships and offer personalized services to each client. Unifi’s remarkable seventeen year performance record is marked by each fund consistently outperforming respective benchmarks over the years. A strong in-house research team and high levels of service, supported by continuity in relationships is Unifi’s promise to its clients.

Investment Objective

Unifi is essentially a value investor in growth businesses. They place Value first but always also demand growth potential in a business they own. They believe that stock performance, particularly in mid and small firms, needs a catalyst; and often the best catalyst is an attractive price combined with growth.

Unifi believes that both micro (firm level) and macro risks are critical in determining outcomes. They carefully evaluate the fundamentals of each business that they own, and in addition ask the question if the prevailing and expected conditions in the economy will act for or against their interest. At times, while making longer term investments, they consciously trade off adverse macro conditions for terrific entry valuations.

Investment Philosophy

Unifi APJ 20 PMS follows a Fundamentally Driven philosophy. This is a buy & hold strategy where investments are based on sustained growth of the Indian economy. Here, the time frame is 2-3 years.UNIFI provides PMS services that have all thematic portfolios. As always, markets fancy few sectors that have done well in the past ignoring the rest. The approach for UNIFI APJ 20 PMS is designed such that of the sectors which are less understood, few like specialist chemicals, agri, precision manufacturing has become globally competitive and are privy to an expanding market opportunity. Select participants in the following industries

• agriculture,

• speciality chemicals,

• mining,

• hi tech manufacturing and

• infrastructure will see a new wave of growth over the next 5 years and will be a direct beneficiary of India’s macro policy initiatives as well as inherent demographic strengths it has built over a period of time.APJ 20 PMS invests in firms that have evolved and are in a ripe position to benefit from such growth prospects.

Awards & Achievements

• In 2023, Unifi Capital Blended Rangoli PMS was awarded Rank #1 as the Best PMS in the Multi Cap Category, on a 3Y Risk-Adjusted Returns. These Awards were hosted by PMS AIF WORLD, in association with IIM-Ahmedabad.

• In 2023, Unifi Capital Blended Rangoli PMS was awarded the Fastest Wealth Creating PMS in the Multi Cap Category, on a 3Y Risk-Adjusted Returns. These Awards were hosted by PMS AIF WORLD, in association with IIM-Ahmedabad.

Performance Table #

Trailing Returns (%) 1m return 3m return 6m return 1y return 2y return 3y return 5y return 10y return Since inception return
UNIFI APJ 206.93%1.71%18.46%48.67%27.07%26.94%31.41%-23.62%
BSE Mid Cap3.44%6.05%25.01%38.63%20.19%20.46%18.21%-15.85%

Portfolio Holdings

Holding %

Sector Allocation

Holding %

Market Cap Allocation

Allocations %
Large Cap
Mid Cap
Small Cap

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#Returns as of 30 Apr 2024. Returns up to 1 Year are absolute, above 1 Year are CAGR.

Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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