Multiple Strategies with Diversified Portfolios based on Value Style of Investing

Key Attributes

Number of Stocks :15-25

Fund Manager Name: Himanshu Upadhyay

Fund Manager Experience: Total Experience of 12 years

Fund Manager Qualification: PGDM Finance from IIM Kozhikode and Bachelor in Technology from National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur

Investment Philosophy

Investment philosophy is based on two fundamental principles

  1. Buying when the future is uncertain – A stock is available cheap only when the general market does not expect it to do well in the short-term. Therefore, if an investor wishes to beat the market he/she should purchase the stock before the market does. If one is confident about the quality of the company and its long-term earnings power, then its short-term price movement should be of less importance.
  2. Seeking to avoid permanent loss – For an investor the real risk in the stock market is the risk of permanent loss. All shares are subject to price fluctuations; therefore temporary losses are unavoidable. Permanent loss occurs when an investment is made in a substandard business, in a company where the management is questionable or at a price that is exorbitantly high. As the legendary Seth Klarman says: The avoidance of loss is the surest way to ensure a profitable outcome

Investment Process

PGIM India has a meticulous and robust investment process distills its investment choices. They start with the investing universe of 6,000 listed companies in India and work our way down step-by-step to arrive at our investment universe of 160-180 companies. The stringent filters applied during the investment process gives us the portfolio of 20-25 companies. These filters include price, growth prospects and management quality. The investment process also includes a clearly articulated Sell Discipline to realize the value of the investment when it fulfills its potential.

Don’t Just Invest. Make an Informed Decision.