MOAT UpperCrust Wealth PMS

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date: 20-Jan-22

Number of Stocks: 74

Portfolio Manager’s Name: Moat Financial Service Pvt Ltd

Portfolio Manager’s Experience: 10+ years

Investment Objective

The investment objective of MOAT UpperCrust Wealth PMSis to preserve the purchasing power of the client’s capital whilst providing sustainable returns over long periods of time.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy and approach of MOAT UpperCrust Wealth PMSis based on generating returns by investing in companies with proven corporate governance and capital allocation track record and which dominate specific niches of the Indian economy through sustainable competition built around brands, business processes, and strategic assets and which are aggressive in capturing the market share.

Hence under this investment approach, investments are primarily made in equity shares and equity-linked instruments and to keep some part of clients’ investable funds in liquid form, such funds are either invested in units of money market funds or liquid funds or are retained in the bank account in form of bank balance.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of MOAT UpperCrust Wealth PMSremains fixated on their goal of picking great managements who are in the process of building greatpremium quality business. Their investment philosophy is specifically designed to identify only superior compounding growth stories.

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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