MOAT Moderate Compounders PMS

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date: 15-December-2013

Number of Stocks: 89

Portfolio Manager’s Name: Mr. Ramakrishnan T.B (RAMKI)

Fund Manager Qualification: BSc, PGP, DCA, Research Analyst (NISM), PG in Portfolio Management (NISM)

Portfolio Manager’s Experience: 32 Years

Investment Objective

The investment objective of MOAT Moderate Compounders PMS is to generate sustainable returns over the medium to long term by making investments that primarily comprise equity securities.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy of MOAT Moderate Compounders PMS is an equity investment strategy of investing 60% of the portfolio in large sector leaders and the remaining 40% in emerging companies in which the sectors would benefit in the journey to $5 trillion economy. These may be new sectors that take off with rising disposable income, changing habits, and so on.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of MOAT Moderate Compounders PMS is designed to identify superior compounding growth stories that can be delivered regularly rather than in bouts. Their investment approach keeps them fixated on their goal of picking premium quality businesses while safeguarding the client’s capital. They spot the undiscovered, hidden gems that can sustain a significantly higher Return on the capital employed (RoCE) compared to the Cost of capital (CoC) in the long run, freeing up the excess cash flow for the business. This phenomenon not only makes these businesses resilient but also sets them a class apart.

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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