Marcellus Kings of Capital PMS

Key Attributes

Inception Date: July 2020

Category: Thematic (Financials sector)

Founder & CEO: Saurabh Mukherjea

Portfolio Manager: Tej Shah

Portfolio Manager's Qualification: Tej is a Chartered Accountant and has cleared all levels of the CFA exams. He holds a B.Com degree from Ahmedabad University.

Portfolio Manager's Experience: Prior to joining Marcellus, Mr. Tej worked at Ambit Capital & Mayfield.

Investment Objective

MARCELLUS Kings of Capital is a quality portfolio that invests in a portfolio of financial services companies beyond just the usual lenders and build a portfolio of niche financial services like insurance, broking, AMCs, wealth management companies etc.

The key objective of “Kings of Capital” strategy is to own a portfolio of 10 to 14 high quality Financial companies (banks, NBFCs, life insurers, general insurers, asset managers, brokers) that have good corporate governance, prudent capital allocation and high barriers to entry.

Portfolio Strategy

This is a focused and concentrated fund with upto 15 stocks in the portfolio. The aim is to construct a multi-cap financial services-focused portfolio with moated and resilient businesses. The fund will have only those companies that have a clean balance sheet and high corporate governance as Marcellus’ proprietary forensic filtering eliminates businesses that have poor accounting quality.

The non-lending part of the portfolio adds resilience to the portfolio during times of stress because insurers have a lower beta than lending businesses while asset management and brokerage businesses do not take any balance sheet risks.


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