Marcellus Global Compounders Portfolio – GIFT CITY Domiciled PMS

About Marcellus Investment Managers

Marcellus is dedicated to shaping a financial ecosystem where capital flows to enterprises that consistently demonstrate prudent capital allocation practices. Their approach combines quantitative analysis, leveraging forensic accounting insights, and a rigorous assessment of capital allocation strategies.

The dedicated and experienced investment team at Marcellus conducts in-depth primary research to identify companies with enduring competitive advantages, building a portfolio designed for long-term growth. They emphasize a low-churn or no-churn strategy, fostering an environment where wealth can multiply over the long haul.Marcellus believes that by influencing capital allocation toward high-quality, well-managed companies, they not only create value for their investors but also contribute to the overall strength and sustainability of the Indian economy. At Marcellus, their mission is clear: to facilitate the efficient flow of capital to deserving enterprises, benefiting both investors and the broader economic landscape.

Key People

Mr. Saurabh Mukherjea
Mr. Saurabh Mukherjea Founder & CIO

Investment Objective

Marcellus Global Compounders Portfolio (GCP) – a GIFT CITY Domiciled PMS is an investment strategy for Developed Public Equities (ex-India).

The investment objective of Marcellus Global Compounders Portfolio (GCP) – a GIFT CITY Domiciled PMS is to aim to generate long-term capital appreciation by investing in a curated selection of globally dominant companies. These companies exhibit sustainable competitive advantages, robust financial health, and potential for consistent growth. The fund focuses on developed market equities outside of India, leveraging thorough research and strategic portfolio construction to achieve superior returns over the long term.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of Marcellus Global Compounders Portfolio (GCP) – a GIFT CITY Domiciled PMS revolves around the belief that a small group of companies globally possess the qualities necessary for sustained outperformance. These qualities include enduring moats, operational excellence, and aligned management interests with shareholders. GCP’s investment philosophy is grounded in the conviction that investing in such companies at reasonable valuations offers a compelling opportunity for wealth creation over time, driven by their ability to generate and grow free cash flow efficiently.

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy of Marcellus Global Compounders Portfolio (GCP) – a GIFT CITY Domiciled PMS employs a rigorous, bottom-up investment process that begins with a broad universe of stocks across North America and Europe. Through a meticulous screening process that includes fundamental analysis, forensic accounting, and independent third-party checks, the portfolio is narrowed down to 20-30 ‘Global Compounders’. These selected companies are expected to deliver 6%-9% alpha over the S&P 500’s long-term return, thanks to their superior Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), free cash flow growth, and earnings per share (EPS) growth.

The portfolio’s strategy is further refined by the TORQUE framework, which adjusts for macroeconomic and style-based factors to exploit market dislocations and enhance returns. This comprehensive strategy emphasizes quality, sustainability, and resilience, aiming for maximum value creation through efficient capital allocation and predictable cash flows.

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