A product which aims to earn returns by taking derivative positions under long/ short investment strategy

Key Attributes

Structure: Open Ended

Portfolio Construct: 40% Long Equity Exposure, 30% Short Equity Exposure and 60% Short Index Exposure

Fund Manager Name: Mr Nandik Mallik

Fund Manager Experience: Total Exp – 12 Years, With ICICI – 3 Years

Fund Manager Qualification: MS, Finance from London School, MBA from IIM Calcutta and IIT from Kharagpur

Investment Objective

Cash Position in Index – Aims to benefit from direction of the market

Stock / Index Futures – Aims to benefit from valuation dichotomy within sectors.

Index Options – Aims to benefit from range bound and directional view on market.

Investment Philosophy

Cash Position in IndexPeriodically Hedged with futures 

Cash Position may have exposure into Stocks of, Nifty, Bank Nifty.
• It can be hedged whenever macro indicators are not favorable.
• This component aims to deliver returns in directional market


Stock and Index FuturesValuation Based Calls

Strategy is to invest into fundamentally researched companies (via futures).
• Fund manager may also short expensive stock within the sector selectively.
• This component aims to deliver from valuation dichotomy within the sectors.


Index Options StrategyDirectional Calls

Options exposure aims to benefit out of the direction of the market by writing index call/put option and earning premium income.
• Component is expected to do well in range bound market movement also as risk-reward favorable in writing options.

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