ENAM India Vision Portfolio

Key Portfolio Attributes

Number of stocks: 15-30

Co-founder & CIO: Mr. Jiten Doshi

Portfolio Manager’s Name: Mr. Raghavendra Reddy

Portfolio Manager’s Experience: 16+ years

Portfolio Manager’s Qualification: Postgraduate degree in Management from Management Development Institute (MDI) and is also a certified FRM (GARP)

Investment Objective

The investment objective of ENAM India Vision Portfolio is to identify and invest in high-quality businesses at attractive valuations, that are structurally well-positioned, have sustainable competitive advantages and execution capability for consistent long-term growth. We endeavor to maintain ownership over a long term and build a concentrated portfolio for our clients. Our primary objective is to deliver alpha to our clients over time.

Portfolio Strategy

The investment strategy of ENAM India Vision Portfolio to invest in companies across market capitalisation segments and sectors that offer participation in select megatrends like Urbanisation, Premiumisation, Formalisation, Digital adoption, Consolidation, Work force participation, and Favourable demographics. Thus, capitalizing on the structural growth opportunity in Indian economy.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of ENAM India Vision Portfolio is to deliver consistent alpha for its investors, over the long term.

ENAM India Vision Portfolio is a long-only portfolio. The portfolio shall consist of ~15-30 companies with the flexibility to align portfolio concentration based on macro trends, industry performance, portfolio liquidity and a calibrated risk management framework. The industry analysis and company selection are driven by the ENAM AMC’s proprietary investment philosophy and proven research process.

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions