ENAM India Diversified Equity Advantage (EIDEA) PMS


Enam Group is a recognized leader in the Indian Capital Markets. It specialized in providing best-in-class research based financial services to its clients that wanted to participate in the growth of the Indian economy.

Key People

Dr. Jiten Doshi
Dr. Jiten Doshi Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer
Dr. Raghavendra Reddy
Dr. Raghavendra Reddy Portfolio Manager, Enam AMC

Investment Objective

The investment objective of ENAM India Diversified Equity Advantage (EIDEA) PMS is to generate capital appreciation through investments in equities with a long-term perspective. The portfolio looks to construct a high quality, high conviction, long-only portfolio with allocation across industries and capitalization ranges including companies which are typically under-researched and offer a higher return potential.

Investment Strategy

The investment process and strategy of ENAM India Diversified Equity Advantage (EIDEA) PMS is as follows:

  • Investment Universe: Over 175 companies across sectors and market capitalization
  • Research & Analysis: Conducts comprehensive operational, financial and valuation analysis. Continuous interaction with management teams
  • Idea generation: Understand performance levers, identify long term catalysts and analyse business cycles for potential upsides
  • Portfolio construction and Risk management: Portfolios are constructed with best ideas with an in depth analysis of companies and valuations. Manage risk through a disciplined portfolio construction process within the prescribed internal investment risk management guidelines
  • Monitoring: Continuously monitor investments to validate investment hypothesis

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of ENAM India Diversified Equity Advantage (EIDEA) PMS is to seek and identify high-quality businesses that are structurally well-positioned, have sustainable competitive advantages and strong execution capability for consistent long-term growth.

ENAM India Diversified Equity Advantage (EIDEA) PMS is a market & sector agnostic PMS. The investment philosophy is focused in identifying long term opportunities across leaders and emerging companies. The guiding principles in identifying a company include – Size of opportunity, longevity of business, quality of management and how value accretive is the business.

The ENAM Edge:

  • Focused Portfolio Management firm with a single investment strategy
  • True disclosure of performance track record
  • Longest serving single manager track record
  • Long serving investment team with experience through various business cycles
  • Initiatives undertaken to develop a comprehensive proprietary ESG framework

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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