BugleRock Capital Core Value Investment Approach PMS

Key Attributes

Inception Date: Concentrated Option 15th April 2019 & Regular Option 14th May 2019

Number of Stocks: 20-25 in Regular Option & 12-15 in Concentrated Option

Portfolio Manager's Name: EA Sundaram

Portfolio Manager's Experience: 33+ years of experience

Portfolio Manager's Qualification: Sundaram holds an MBA degree from IIM, Ahmedabad

Investment Objective

The investment objective of BugleRock Capital Core Value Investment Approach is to achieve capital appreciation through investment in a diversified portfolio of strong businesses, purchased when the respective price of the stock is reasonable.

Portfolio Strategy

The investment strategy of BugleRock Capital Core Value Investment Approach is to restrict the choice of companies that fulfil the following criteria for Non Financial companies:

-A track record of at least 15 years;

-A minimum of Rs.5 billion in annual revenues

-Consistency in generating positive free cash flows, and

-Consistency in generating Return on capital of 20%.

and for Banking & NBFC companies:

-25+ Years of business operations, – Consistent RoA > 1% for Banks & 2% for NBFC, – Consistent RoE > 15% for Banks & NBFC, – Consistent NPA < 2% for Banks & NBFC,             – Consistent Cost to Income < 50% for Banks, – Consistent CASA > 30% for Banks, -Consistent Debt/Equity < 5 times for NBFC.

In addition, we look at the track record of the management in capital allocation decisions and governance issues, and the prospect of the company’s revenues and profits growing at a trajectory higher than industry’s average growth rate over the foreseeable future.

Such companies are purchased during times of temporary distress, or when the general consensus in the market is that the earnings triggers are too distant in the future.  Only under such conditions do we get the share of a good company at reasonable valuations.

Portfolio Philosophy

The investment philosophy of BugleRock Capital Core Value Investment Approach is focus on competitive position, measurable quality parameters, entry price of the stock, philosophy of investing in strong business at reasonable valuations.

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