Bonanza Aegis Strategy PMS

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date: 11th May, 2022

Number of stocks: 35

Portfolio Manager’s Name: Mr. Achin Goel

Portfolio Manager’s Experience: 15+ years

Portfolio Manager’s Qualification: CFA

Investment Objective

Bonanza Aegis Strategy PMS aims to identify and invest in business ideas having strong potential to outperform the market and its peer in near future by virtue of its inherent fundamental and technical strength. Aegis strategy has been curated keeping risk management at the forefront. Strategy has been structured to benefit from tactical and momentum picks along with value picks through use of proprietary tools.

Portfolio Strategy

The investment strategy of Bonanza Aegis Strategy PMS is as follows:

  1. Primarily, allocation across mid cap and small cap stocks.
  2. Focus on companies having excellent Fundamentals and Technical.
  3. Nearly 80% – 90% of portfolio invests in Quality growth business, nearly 20% in turnaround business and balance 10% in Momentum or tactical portfolio

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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