Right Horizons PMS

Customized and Versatile Portfolios meeting your financial objectives and return expectations

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 2012

Number of Stocks : 15-25

Fund Manager Name: Pankaj Singhania

Fund Manager Experience: Total Experience of more than 20 Years

Fund Manager Qualification: CFA/MBA Finance from ICFAI Business School and BSc Computer from St Joseph’s Arts and Science College.

Investment Objective

The portfolios are customized and are truly versatile to incorporate most objectives, risks management and return expectations. The breadth and depth of the portfolios is on par with the best in the Indian Investment landscape.

Investment Strategy

The Right Horizons PMS Strategies includes a top-down approach where the investment universe is decided at the beginning.

The first step out of four steps of their investment strategy is this where the investment universe is selected whether it will be equities or any other assets like bonds or debentures and others. Investment universe mainly is a category of investment vehicle whose features are the same or similar.

Then the second step is research and analysis within the investment universe selected and dig out the best stocks out of the universe.

In this stage, certain number of stocks are selected and then those stocks are particularly analyzed in the third stage where the intrinsic value of the stocks are found out and then out of the stocks shortlisted, the market value of those stocks are checked, and if the market value is lower than the intrinsic value then the stocks are bought and added to the portfolio.

The firm has different types of portfolios for different kinds of investors but the basic strategy remains the same. In every different portfolio, there is a different investment universe which has been targeted and from there the top-down approach has been carried out.

When some portfolio contains purely one single king of asset others contain a mix of assets like equity and debt and others. It is mainly dependent on the investor what kind of investor he is whether risk-taker or risk-averse.

Don’t Just Invest. Make an Informed Decision.