Sowilo Target Return Aggressive Fund

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date: 26th June, 2023

Number of stocks: 42

Portfolio Manager’s Name: Sandip Agarwal

Portfolio Manager’s Experience:

Sandip Agarwal's core expertise has been financial research and advisory and has served Mutual Funds/ Pension Funds / Insurance Funds across India and globe in the technology, telecom and internet sector. He last worked as Executive director (Investment Analyst – IT, Telecom & Internet) at Edelweiss Financial Services – since 2012.

Portfolio Manager’s Qualification:

Rank holder in CA Final and graduate from Bengal University.

Investment Objective

Sowilo Target Return Aggressive Fund is for high-risk investors who by nature are long-term but are dynamic in their approach. They have a higher appetite for both risk and return and obsess for higher IRR on a small portion of their overall capital. This scheme gives an opportunity to otherwise conversant investors to test their hypothesis, play cycles, sectors, and macro & micro events.

This scheme is recommended for the informed investors who understand the basic premise of financial markets where risk and returns move in tandem, and we assume the investor understands and is capable of choosing a point on isoquant curve (risk reward graph).

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy of Sowilo Target Return Aggressive Fund revolves around identifying mispriced stocks triggered by business cycles, sudden regulatory changes, collateral damage, temporary setback in global socio-political environment, any kind of short-term disruption and several other factors.

The fund would be a multi-cap fund comprising maximum allocation to mispriced stocks in mid and small cap segment with exit being a subset of either time or targeted returns and balance in large cap serving as quasi cash awaiting opportunity.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of Sowilo Target Return Aggressive Fund is to invest in businesses which are scalable, generate higher returns, have technological edge, are market leaders and have strong and ethical management team with good governance. The fundhouse perceives buying of equities only as a medium to buy great businesses.

Investment will be long term, multi-sector and multi-cap, purely based on bottom-up approach. Investments will be based on In-house research, defining investible universe which qualify the above rigorous test.

Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions


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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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