Sameeksha Capital provides Wealth Management as well as Equity portfolio management (PMS) services to discerning Institutions, entrepreneurs, families and Individuals.  They have made upfront investments to develop best-in-class research capabilities and time tested processes. When a capable team follows such processes, they are likely to deliver differentiated as well as valuable outcomes for their clients. Transparency, Integrity, Objectivity and Hard Work are at core of their value system. Most importantly, they believe in being rewarded for performance above everything else.

Sameeksha Capital’s founder, Mr. Bhavin Shah, firmly believes that AI can help in navigating through data more easily, but cannot identify good companies fundamentally. So, although the team uses technology to increase efficiency of the research work or  study more companies in the same amount of time, the importance of reading beyond the lines of transcripts of conference calls is what AI cannot do, so, here comes the 140 point checklist & rules based investment approach that helps Sameeksha identify good investment opportunities at right valuations across large, mid & small cap universe.

Sameeksha follows market cap agnostic portfolio management approach with an aim to identify mis-priced large caps, and less researched small caps.

Sameeksha PMS follows a discipline of keeping right diversification with a limit on the number of stocks it holds. Also, Sameeksha PMS does not follow any model portfolio strategy, instead customizes each investors portfolio individually, which is managed well, because its in-house technology and softwares.

Like any other PMS, even Sameeksha Capital invests in businesses that have growth potential and with earnings predictability, and a clear understanding of business operations, valuation strategy applied, is what differentiates Sameeksha from others who follow growth at reasonable valuations (GARP).

Sameeksha Capital is cognizant that for large companies like HUL, it is okay to accept around 10% CAGR, but, if a higher risk is added by way of small-cap, illiquid companies, it is done on the premise of expecting a return of 20-25% CAGR.Sameeksha Capital PMS aims absolute returns and that means, if there is no investible company, it holds cash. And, it also means, that in the exceptional scenarios, where valuations look stretched, it books profits and aims to increase cash.  Keeping this in mind, Sameeksha avoids keeping too ill-liquid a portfolio.

PMS Product Performance

Company Name /
Product Name
Date of inception AUM 1y return 2y return 3y return 5y return 10y return Since inception return
Sameeksha Capital Equity Fund 01 Apr 2016638.2310.1%14.4%34.6%18.3%-19.6%

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