NJ AMPL Dynamic ETF Allocation Portfolio

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date: 12 Mar 2018

Number of Stocks: 3 ETFs and 2 Arbitrage Funds

Fund Manager Name: NJ - Quantitative Rules Based Investing

Fund Manager Qualification and Accolades:

Members of the investment committee are winners of CIO of the year and other awards

Fund Manager Experience:

Investment decisions are taken through the Quantitative Rules-Based Investing mechanism. This is governed by an investment committee and the cumulative experience of the team is 100 plus years of equity investing.

Investment Objective

The investment objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation with relatively lower volatility through a dynamically balanced portfolio of equity oriented ETFs and Debt schemes / Arbitrage funds are selected based on lower credit risk, vol- atility, exit charges, better tax efficiency

Investment Strategy

Dynamic ETF Allocation Portfolio

Investment Philosophy

At NJPMS ,the core of the portfolio management is based on the rules
based investingThe proposed investment strategy is summarized below:  Optimise Returns through proper Asset Allocation of Equity and Debt asset classes from time to time  Selecting consistently better performing ETFs and debt mutual fund schemes  Lower credit risk, volatility, exit charges are important parameters on which debt schemes are selected; Equity Arbitrage Funds are considered as debt asset on account of their characteristics of low volatility low return and their structure

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