Hunting Value to Generate Superior Returns.

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 05 November 2018

Number of stocks : 20-25

Fund Manager Name: V. Jayaram

Fund Manager Experience: 25 years of experience in the Indian Capital markets across various functional areas.

Fund Manager Qualification: V. Jayaram is a CA with over 25 years of experience in research and fund management

Investment Philosophy

  1. Stock Selection is market cap agnostic. We understand that price and value are two different things. – VALUE HUNTING.
  2. Investment is contemplated only when the value determined is greater by at least 15% to the current market valuation. – MARGIN OF SAFETY.
  3. Invest in companies with high standards of corporate governance and high moral values. We are comfortable investing in such companies going through tough times because of external environment rather than investing in companies declaring great numbers belying environment. – SHIELD OF QUALITY.

Investment Strategy

  1. BOTTOM UP – “Bottom-Up” approach to stock selection
  2. LONG TERM – Sell only if it makes sense to sell under the current market conditions.
  3. LOW CHURN – Benefit of lower incidences of short-term taxes and less expenses.


  1. Investing in companies and businesses that we understand.
  2. The management track record and performance.
  3. The management approach to creating shareholder wealth.
  4. Financial Modelling & Analysis.
  5. Companies trading with compelling valuation.

Don’t Just Invest. Make an Informed Decision.