Invesco India Caterpillar PMS

Key Attributes

Inception Date: 26th June, 2006

Fund Manager Name: Mr. Sameer Narayan

Fund Manager Experience: 20+ years

Fund Manager Qualification: MMS from NMIMS, Mumbai. B.E. in Production Engineering.

Investment Objective

To achieve capital appreciation over a long term by investing in a diversified portfolio.

Portfolio Strategy

Competitive advantages and industry attractiveness, Good quality management with sound corporate governance, Attractive returns on capital and adequate cash flow, Potential for Earning growth and P/E multiple expansion. Mid and Small Cap biased Portfolio of Emerging Businesses.

  • Investments in fundamentally strong and high growth midcap and small cap companies
  • Participate in companies with structural growth trends
  • Participate in niche or emerging business areas
  • Exploit overlooked investment opportunities, Benefit from both earning growth and P/E multiple expansion
  • Bottom-up stock picking, High conviction portfolio

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