Wright Research’s transition into offering Portfolio Management Services (PMS) has been a natural progression in its mission to provide cutting-edge, data-driven investment solutions. Since its inception, Wright Research has been at the forefront of integrating AI-driven, quant-based strategies in the Indian market, and its PMS service is no exception. The new service by Wright Research aims to leverage the potential of quantitative strategies, harnessing factors such as momentum, quality, and size which have shown substantial effectiveness in the Indian financial landscape.

The PMS service offered by Wright Research, founded by Sonam Srivastava, combines these potent factors with advanced AI-powered predictive tools, enabling the firm to uncover intricate market patterns and correlations that might be overlooked by traditional analysis. This approach is designed to facilitate more precise forecasts and smarter investment decisions. Wright Research’s tactical approach in managing its PMS is tailored to excel in bullish markets by allocating to high momentum and high-performance stocks, while also ensuring stringent risk management during bearish market phases. This tactful blend of technology and expertise is not just about enhancing operational efficiency; it’s about achieving a level of precision and predictability that is rare in the unpredictable realm of financial markets.

Sonam Srivastava’s Wright Research’s PMS service represents a significant stride in the company’s journey to redefine investment strategies through technology and quantitative analysis. The service is a testament to Wright Research’s commitment to delivering innovative and effective investment solutions in the dynamic Indian market.

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