Wright Alpha Fund PMS

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date:23/8/23

Number of Stocks: 10

Founder & Portfolio Manager: Sonam Srivastava

Portfolio Manager’s Experience:

10+ years of experience in investment research and portfolio management. She started her career in the field with Mumbai-based Forefront Capital, acquired by Edelweiss. At Edelweiss, she worked as an algorithm designer at Edelweiss's institutional equity broking desk. After that, she worked at HSBC Europe as a quant building factor-driven portfolio solutions. Before starting Wright Research, she also worked at Qplum, doing portfolio management at the artificial intelligence-driven Robo-advisor.

Portfolio Manager’s Qualification:

Graduation from IIT Kanpur with a master’s in financial engineering from Worldquant University. Sonam Srivastava is a globally recognized researcher and works as a visiting faculty as AI in Finance Institute New York and BSE Institute Limited.

Investment Objective

The primary objective of the Wright Alpha Fund is to provide long-term capital appreciation by strategically investing in a concentrated portfolio of Indian equities. Our fund seeks to consistently outperform the benchmark through a disciplined, concentrated momentum-based approach, capitalizing on market anomalies and meticulously chosen investment opportunities. While the emphasis is on creating a robust growth trajectory, risk management is given equal importance to ensure the safeguarding of investor capital in various market scenarios.

Investment Strategy

The Wright Alpha Fund employs a disciplined, quantitative momentum investment process. This fund has a concentrated risk with only 10 stocks in the portfolio.
The investment team uses an academically backed, data-driven approach to identify securities with attractive characteristics based on momentum. The portfolio is structured to be well-diversified across sectors, limiting sector-specific risks and ensuring balance.

Investment Philosophy

The investment philosophy of Wright Alpha Fund PMS is Quantitative Momentum Investing.

Wright Alpha complement this process with weekly rebalancing, fine-tuning the portfolio composition based on evolving market conditions and investment outlook. Additional adjustments may be made on a weekly basis, in response to significant market events.

Managed by Sonam Srivastava, the investment approach of Wright Alpha Fund PMS centers around dynamic asset allocation. Recognizing the cyclical nature of the markets, we adjust allocations among momentum factors and hedged exposure based on market conditions and expected returns.

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