TATA Absolute Return Fund

A product with Right Asset combinations - Equity, Fixed Income and a hedge Portfolio

Key Attributes

Structure: Open Ended

Portfolio Construct: 65-70% Fixed Income, 30-35% Cash Equities, 50% of Gross Exposure - Hedge Portfolio

Fund Manager Name: Mr Harsh Agarwal

Fund Manager Experience: Total Exp – 16+ Years, With TATA – 1 Year

Fund Manager Qualification: MBA from Symbiosis, India

Investment Objective

To generate absolute return over medium term with reduced volatility. It largely cuts out both equity market directional risk and credit risks with the bond markets

Investment Philosophy

• Fixed Income (65-70% of Invested Capital) – Aims to provide steady returns and liquidity to the fund

• Cash Equities (30-35% of Invested Capital) – Large Cap biased and aims to provide long term capital appreciation

• Hedge Portfolio (50% of the gross exposure) – Aims to generate extra returns with modest volatility

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