TATA PMS Bluechip Plus

Key Portfolio Attributes

Inception Date: 1st oct 2011

Number of Stocks : 25-35 and Gold ETFs

Fund Manager Name: Danesh Mistry & Surjit Singh Arora

Fund Manager Experience: Danesh Mistry : 17+ years of experience in fund management , equity research and investment banking. Graduate in Bcom from University of Mumbai and PG Diploma in business admin from IES CCDC

Fund Manager Experience: Surjit Singh Arora : 13+ years experience in equity research and fund management . He has done his Bachelors in Management studies from Sydenham Institute and Masters in Management Studies in Finance.

Investment Objective

The objective of the portfolio is to seek long term capital appreciation by investing primarily in the equity and equity related instruments of large cap companies whilst diversifying risk with gold ETFs and related instruments.

Investment Philosophy

Large Cap Companies Usually have a stable growth as compared to Mid and Small Cap Companies. Portfolio to also include allocation to gold ETFs to diversify risk of exposure to only a single asset class.

Portfolio Strategy

• Combination of Equity & Gold

• Portfolio will be managed in a conservative fashion and will be diversified across various sectors of the Indian economy.

• Investments would also include allocation to gold ETFs to diversify the portfolio.

• Portfolio risk diversified across ~ 25-35 stocks

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Do Not Simply Invest, Make Informed Decisions

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